Monday, February 9, 2009

Loving Hut New Year @ Part 2

As we wave good bye to Lunar New Year, we pray tonight that everyone will wake up and quickly adopt the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and that God will grant us many more wonderful Lunar New Years to enjoy..

O Sleepers on this World, the Earth is on fire!! Please wake up now..

Heed the benevolent messages from Mars, and do not fail your children, do not destroy the Earth, the way Mars people have, please all of us wake up now and quickly change our heart..

CNY Suntec 09

Only Vegetarianism, a noble and compassionate heart can save the world.

tropical noodle

Don't suffer the persecution of the creatures of the seas !! Know ye not that there are now vast areas of dead zones in the oceans due to over fishing and massive killing of fishes and sea creatures??

If we continue the killing, very soon it will be our turn.. How can you not see it coming ? Wake up now.. Stop eating fish and the flesh of animals.

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