Monday, September 24, 2012

Media stars at vegan shop

On September 18, a future saint invited me to eat at the new vegan shop in Ang Mo Kio. We went there at about 3pm and he ordered the H-laksa, H for the hericium mushroom specialty at this shop, the Vegetarian Era at Ang Mo Kio block 122

I have not tried the kway teow soup version so I ordered the H-kway teow soup..

It is very tasty and sweet.. and of course the hericium mushroom's texture is a treat to the taste bud. We were happily eating away when suddenly an army of crew descended upon the place..

Taking a closer look we saw the long time mediacopr artistes Pan Ling Ling and Zheng Ge Ping..

We are not fans of the local TV soap so we can't tell you which show they were shooting.. It gets very crowded soon as the technician and crew were busy setting up the lights and camera..

They were using the vegan shop as background for the scene in the channel 8 drama soon to be shown.. We were joined at the table by Mr. Henry Wang chief cook of the Vegetarian Era vegan chain of shops. His beautiful wife and daughter had joined him from neighbouring country Malaysia to help him launch the new branches in Singapore

The future saint ordered another bowl of Chai Por noodles with herbal soup while we were watching the filming going on around us. It seems to be only 5 minutes worth of film and yet it took dozens of men close to 3 hours to complete it!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vegetarian Era at Hougang 805

We are happy to see the opening of the second outlet at Hougang Central, just a stone's throw from Hougang MRT station NE line following from the success of the branch at AMK.

It is located inside Yong Soon coffee shop at block 805.

Just take a look at the 8 new auspicious dishes ! All new and different from AMK branch.

The large eager crowd at opening day were there to welcome the new neighbour in typical warm Hougang style.

 And this is the famous Iron Rice Bowl.

 I find the name humorous and imaginative.It is a throw back to the days when job security is the norm. In current times, such comfort has all but evaporated.
The bowl is real iron, looks nice too. The specialty  of this dish is the salted bits, which were sun dried and imported from our neighbouring country, hence it is pretty expensive.

The soup is oily but suitable for an iron bowl dish, it has the same flavour as the Hainanese noodle..

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Unconditional Election and Prayer of the Unsaved

Each and every Perfect Living Master sent to the Earth as God's representative has a list of marked souls assigned to Him. These are the fortunate ones serving their time here before going back to the Godhead in heaven.

Perfect Living Master = Satguru = Messiah = Prophet = Shepherd = Son of God (the second Godhead in the Holy Trinity)

Attributes of a Perfect Living Master.

1) He or She must be alive. Only a living Master can give the student the baptism of the Holy Spirit (initiation).

2) Baptism of the Holy Spirit (initiation) as given by the Perfect Living Master, is a necessary requirement for salvation (liberation).

The student of the Perfect Living Master enters into the Golden Age. For them, the Kingdom has come.
Every day is a day lived in joyous celebration of the unconditional love of the Master.

A typical Prayer of the Unsaved goes like this:

"Our Unseen Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy Name.
 In this Tumultous Age of Kali Yuga, Give us our daily Bread.

I have no idea what is Thy plan for My Salvation.
I can see only the pain of my daily existence.

Give me riches and abundance that I may glorify the bounty of God.

Give me an Iron Rice Bowl that I may subsist from breakfast to dinner,
from one house to another, from one bicycle to a car.

O God, This I asked in the Name of Me, My Spouse and My Children.

A typical prayer for the marked sheep goes like this :

 "Our Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy Name.
Forgive me my daily sins (karma).

 Give me the strength to lead a righteous life.

I have seen the 4 physical sufferings of the world and experienced
the 4 mental suffereings.

I am sick of the world of the senses.
I am tired of samsara and I want to go back to God's homeland.

Guide me to a Perfect Living Master that I may receive the initiation of the Holy Ghost  from Him or Her.

For Thine is the Kingdom, the Glory and the Power. Amen."

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vegan Product Shoot

One day a saint invited me to join him for a shopping trip and we bought some items from the grocery store. Not having taking photos for a long while, I decided this is a good time to set up for a simple desktop product shoot. So with a softbox on the right and a large reflector providing lighting on the left, this is what we bought..

vegan ice cream

Vegan Ice Cream from Soy Delicious ! And for drinks we have..

vegan drink

Coconut drink in a can, wait there is something special we want to show you..

non-alcohol drink

That's a Bavaria 0.0% non-alcoholic drink. It fizzles like a beer but it's actually the inncuous apple juice.. Cool, eh?

While we're on the topic of vegan products, we might as well feature two more famous American brands..

Tofurky ! For the time when you like to eat vegan cheese and pizza, you can have it !

And this is the G-nuggets from Fry's. Though their products are vegetarian, not everything from the Fry's brand is vegan, so watch out for the ingredients when you go vegan shopping !!