Thursday, April 30, 2009

Buddha Boy


Coming this Sunday on Supreme Master Television, the story of Buddha Boy Ram Bahadur Bom Jan of Nepal.

You have probably heard of the Buddha boy who spent long hours meditating in the forest, and occassionally appearing in the public to bless the people.
Listen to the messages he brings to us ...


Sunday, May 3 - Part 1
Monday, May 4 - Part 2

Show Times:

North America The Middle East Africa
Los Angeles Teheran Cape Town
22:30 (-) 04:30 10:00 16:00 08:30 14:30
10:30 16:30 22:00 04:00 (+) 20:30 02:30 (+)

Central America Europe Asia
Panama City Paris Beijing/Taipei
00:30 06:30 07:30 13:30 14:30 20:30
12:30 18:30 19:30 01:30 (+) 02:30 (+) 08:30 (+)

South America Oceania Moscow
Buenos Aires Sydney
03:30 09:30 17:30 23:30 09:30 15:30
15:30 21:30 05:30 (+) 11:30 (+) 21:30 03:30 (+)

(+) airtime day after
(-) airtime day before


If you miss the scheduled broadcast you can download the video a few days later from
Supreme Master Television - Journey through Aesthetic Realm

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Presidential Award

Throughout the years, Supreme Master Ching Hai's humanitarian activites have been recognized by many government and non-government bodies with many awards.
Gusi Peace Prize

Most recently in 2006, Supreme Master Ching Hai is the recipient of the Philippines Gusi Peace Prize
Telly Award

Other accolades for Supreme Master Ching Hai include the first place silver, 27th Annual Telly Award in 2006 for the "Peace Seeker".


In 1994, governors of six midwest States in the US presented Supreme Master Ching Hai with World Spiritual Leadership Award. In 1993, Mayor of Honolulu USA awarded the International Peace Award and an Honorary Citizenship to Supreme Master Ching Hai.

The latest honor came from the 43rd president of the USA with the President Award of Active Lifestyle.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Loving Hut opens in Phoenix, Arizona !

Great news coming in from

The latest Loving Hut to open in Phoenix, Arizona.

Here's the address..
Loving Hut @ Phoenix, Arizona
3515 W Union Hills Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85308

Since the opening, Loving Hut has received enthusiastic, raving reviews..

Check out what the diners say at the 5 stars review yelp and vegguide.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Save Our Earth Conference 2009 Protecting the Environment & Respecting All Lives

Great News !! A live video conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai is coming up this weekend, on Sunday April 26 2009


The Save Our Earth Conference 2009 will be held in Seoul, Korea.

april 2

On Supreme Master Television, the broadcast time will be 3 pm in Seoul, Korea
8 am Central European Time, for those who live in Paris, France.

april 3

Timings for other cities in the world as follows:

Los Angeles 11:00 pm April 25 Saturday
New York 2:00 am April 26 Sunday
London 7:00 am April 26 Sunday
Paris 8:00 am April 26 Sunday
Moscow 10:00 am April 26 Sunday
Abu Dubai 10:00 am April 26 Sunday
Tehran 10:30 am April 26 Sunday
Kolkata 11:30 am April 26 Sunday
Taipei 2:00 pm April 26 Sunday
Seoul 3:00 pm April 26 Sunday
Sydney 4:00 pm April 26 Sunday
Wellington 6:00 pm April 26 Sunday

april 4

For more information, or to register online :

or call +82 (0)2-3462-9553

Be sure to catch the exciting live video conference on

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Watercress and veggie ham soup


What's for soup today ?

Watercress soup !! Delicious thick gravy with watercress, veggie ham and tofu cubes.

So simple and easy to make... You can optionally garnish it with sprinkling of dried seaweed pieces. This soup makes you come home from a tired day of work, feeling refreshed and energetic... Served it with plain white rice or brown rice !

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mind, Spirit, Body Festival

Loving Hut Singapore will be participating in this event on the upcoming weekend, see you there !!

mind spirit body

Event: Body Mind Spirit Festival
Date: 25 & 26 April 2009 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 10.00am to 8.00pm
Place: Fort Canning Centre
Booth: No 43

The Body Mind Spirit Festival will be held at the Fort Canning Centre during
the weekend of 25-26 April, from 10am till 8pm. As the name suggests,
this event offers a holistic and spiritual lifestyle by showcasing
products and services for a much needed 21st Century Health and
Wellness Living.

This is the first time that the Organiser has engaged the services of Ms Jacelyn
Tay, Mediacorp Artiste and Founder of The Health Club to promote this
event and is sponsoring prizes worth $5000 towards the FREE LUCKY DRAW.

There will also be exciting courtyard performances scheduled for each
day such as African Djembe Drumming, Laughter Therapy, Get Fit
Exercises, Live Blood Analysis and much more. There will also be a
special booth this year targeting families with young children :
Healing Space For Kids with ART & Meditation. Children may engage in
meaningful activities so that parents are free to sign up for the free
workshops or take their time to shop around the different booths.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Photography Tips 1

green tea

In this series of posts we offer some photography tips for taking great photos. Some basic knowledge of photography is assumed. We try to avoid photographic jargon as much as possible.

The first tip, there are 3 major areas that contribute to a great photo.

They are : exposure, focus and color.

1. Exposure - A big area to explore, but in the main, three big factors determine exposure, which is aperture (opening of the lens), shutter speed (speed of opening and closing of iris to allow light into the camera), and iso (sensitivity of film to light). In the context of digital cameras, iso is the gain or threshold that is determined by the camera. The higher the iso, the more digital noise will be introduced into the picture.

2. Focus - another big area, the major important factor to look out for is the aperture and depth of field. Depth of field determines which area of the photo to look sharp and which area to be out-of-focus.

5. Color - a major consideration, especially white balance. If the white balance is not right, the photo will have a color cast that can be difficult to remove after the picture is taken.

cup cake

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Traditional Filipino Vegetarian Dish


Throughout civilisation, the earliest of our ancestors have always been vegetarians, it is so in Mexico, India, China and Philippines.

In Philippines, this is the traditional vegetarian dish - green bean soup, or mung bean soup with kang kong vegetable and some onions to garnish.

We need to go back to the simple ways... we need to give up our killing aura and killing tendency.. That is the way back to salvation which is such an urgent issue now that we have the spectre of global warming hanging in our atmosphere.

Be Veg. Return to Kindness. Live Simply. Live in harmony with nature, sparing all lives and thus our own lives will also be spared.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vegetarian spaghetti


Another easy way to start your vegan committment to save the world is to start with cooking vegan spaghetti. It is perhaps one of the easiest dish to prepare, all you need to do is get the vegan ingredients.

Here we deep fried some vegan samosa and spring roll, and together with button mushrooms, spaghetti and vegetarian spaghetti sauce, it makes for a delicious, filling nourishment to give you energy to last the whole day.

Be a life saving vegan hero !!

Learn how to cook spaghetti the vegan way ! It's creative and fun..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Learn how to cook vegan


Do you know how to boil a pot of water ?

Then you know how to start cooking vegan soup !!

Just watch the ingredients. Keep the temple of your soul pure..
Refrain from using products that involve guilt, killing and suffering of animals.

Here you can see tomatoes, tofu and golden mushrooms all cooked with water..

It's easy and fun to experiment with cooking.

Start cooking and eating vegetarian today !

Friday, April 10, 2009

Silken tofu


Silken tofu suitable for making tasty vegetarian soup. When shopping for this product, look out for non-GMO soya beans and no eggs added.

This product is widely used throught Asia and the rest of the world. Invented in ancient China two thousand years ago, the tofu is the main pillar of vegetarianism, used in most dishes cooked at restaurants and home.

It is another growing up food for Asian children. Switching to vegan diet is necessary and urgent. Please do it now..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lontong - A Malay favourite


This is a delightful Malay vegan lontong.. delicious yummy curry and coconut milk sauce makes for an unforgettable Singaporean flavour. The unique rice cube, so soft and supple, and the long beans with cabbage.. Many citizens in the Asian countries grow up with this dish..

Now offered in vegan, no eggs version, you can order this as a buffet item. Please call Loving Hut @ Suntec City or Parklane outlet for details.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Vegetarian cube


We ran short of vegetarian seasoning and go shopping around. This is a common vegetable based cube. You can use it for soup or any kind of cooking. As long as your food is cooked with taste and love, people will enjoy it and get nourishment from it...

Cook with love... Cook vegan, the life saving way.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Loving Hut Parklane closure on 7 April

Loving Hut Parklane will close for kitchen upgrade on 7 April 2009 Tuesday.

It will be open for business as usual on 8 April Wednesday.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cooking a vegan instant noodle

instant noodle

How you want your instant noodle done is very much up to your creativity and available vegetarian ingredients.

Here we cook up an instant noodle with vegan ham, corns and peas, brocolli and button mushrooms.. Yummy delicious...

You can have any kind of gravy you wish, the regular, the thick gravy, the sweet and sour, the miso flavour, the tomyam taste etc.. There is no end to your creative inspiration as there are many available spices you can easily mix and match.

Here's to health and well being for all.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quick and easy instant vegan noodle cooking tips

instant-noddle 1

One of these packs of vegetarian noodles contains ten cakes of dried instant noodles.

For those always in a hurry, cooking up a delicious noodle meal is simple and easy.

Here's the tip. Take out one cake and put in a bowl. Pour hot, boiling water into the bowl and let the noodle soak in the hot water. After about 10 minutes or so, the noodles will become loose and absorb the water, making them bloated.

Next, heat up a frying pan with some oil and add in your favourite vegetables to cook. After a short while of stir frying, add in the noodles as the last step, season to taste and a delicious meal is ready !!

For even shorter cooking time, you can take out one of those packs of vegan pre-cooked rendang meat and pour them into the frying pan together with the noodles. You can serve up a quick meal in less than 15 minutes, which is all the time it takes !