Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fried Rice at home

Home fried rice

Home cooked fried rice is simple to make. All the ingredients you can add to it, leftover vegetables from last night dinner etc. It is very convenient, tasty and economical. We use green peas, vegetarian ham, corn, carrots and mushroom slices.

Make your own vegan meal at home. Experiment, mix and enjoy. Have some mushroom seasonings and spices around, a bottle of vegan oyster sauce, sesame oil, tomato ketchup is all you need.

The more simple you eat, the more healthy you are, and the more abundant in joyful spirit.

Live the Vegan Lifestyle. Join the high IQ, NQ club !! Save the world !

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oyster Mushroom Set, Loving Hut @ BMC

Well in case you are hungry for the oyster mushroom rice set, here's how it looks like..

Oyster Mushroom Rice Set

All sets come with soup, and vegetable garnishing with freshly cooked brown rice. The brown rice is tossed up so it is soft and Q to taste.

Why eat animals when you can spare them their lives, give them dignity to live as we want our lives to be spared ? They are no different from us, even if we may look bigger or have a better brain.. The moment we eat animals, we became beasts.. we no longer are the children of God.. The moment we KILL, we lost our innocence and become eligible as criminals or inhabitants of hell, and that is a very scary thought..

Walk talk, live noble, eat right !!

halal drink

All food and drink are alcohol and animal free at Loving Hut, so they are halal and our Malay friends can enjoy them too !!

sos bus 13

It's december now and the SOS bus ads are still running. Catch 131 to Loving Hut BMC if you are working down town, or by train to Redhill MRT and transfer to 132.

May God bless you with abundance as you change to the noble vegan diet to help right the wrong we created that is destroying our world day by day..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fried Kway Teow with Black Perl

The best kept secret in town !! Nowhere can you find authentic fried kway teow with vegan egg that is so deliciously realistic. You gotta try it out at Loving Hut BMC ..

Fried Kway Teow Black Perl

Look at the eggless egg !! Can there be a vegan kway teow heaven in Singapore ?? Yes, it is true !! Animal free and cruelty free... do you need to fear diseases and run away from disasters from climate change ?? Just be vegan !!

The black perl comes at an extra $1 if you want to add to the kway teow. Only served on Sunday, so bring your whole family for a vegan planet saving meal !!

corn carrot soup

Order any rice set and you get a soup of the kitchen. here is the corn and carrot, and as it boils over the day, the soup gets more delicious from the rich plant-based nuitrients. Don't you love the pear shaped soup bowl ?? We love it !!

sos bus 9

Support the cause to fight global warming with the world's No. 1 solution... The Vegan diet... Say NO to swine flu, say NO to endless animal killing, say NO to people dying from incurable meat induced novel diseases, say NO to protect our children, say NO to climate change refugees...

Be a Vegan. Say YES to health, say YES for continuity and sustanable planet, say YES to peace on earth for all beings.. Stop Global warming with an organic Vegan Life style of Peace !!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

We Are on Twitter !!

Yes, now you can find us on Twitter/AmVeganNGreen

There will be short one liner announcements and important news being broadcast from Supreme Master Television will also be featured here.. so catch the most important and latest news by following us on Twitter !!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deep Fried Oyster Mushroom

No matter how many times we tried it, we like it very much... finger food at Loving Hut is delicious and there are plenty of varieties to choose from..

Fried Oyster Mushroom

Who needs to eat seafood or oysters or animals when you have such lovingly prepared, delicate cuisine such as the vegan variety shown in this picture ? Absolutely adorable, delectable, simply heavenly.

When you eat right, and you eat according to God's will, happiness fills you inside and out !! Live with love and respect for all beings.

Live as you want others to spare your lives, so spare the lives of sea creatures and animals. We have tortured, maimed and killed them for centuries. It is high time we came out of the bad karmic retribution.

corn soup

Order this side dish or as a rice set, which comes with the soup of the day. Shown here is the corn and carrot soup sprinkled with generous amounts of goji berries. Goji berries or wolf berries are good for improving your eye sight and used in Chinese medicine as such; it is also known to purify the blood.

sos bus 9

Catch the SOS global warming bus 131 any way from Whampoa, to Bukit Timah, Thomson, Bencoolen Street, to Shenton Way and it will bring you right to the Bukit Merah bus interchange, within 3 minutes walking distance from Loving Hut at POSB block 161, just in front of Bukit Merah branch library.

The double decker SOS bus no. 143 runs from Toa Payoh, Orchard to Jurong East interchange.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

International Day of Climate Action

Climate Action

They showed that 350 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere is the safe limit for humanity.1

The bad news is we’re already past that number - we’re at 390 parts per million, which is why the Arctic is melting, why drought is spreading across the planet, why humanity is facing perhaps its greatest challenge ever.

The good news: that number gives us a target to aim for.

On 24th Oct, be heard, seen and felt in fun and meaningful activities that will spread this urgent message!

Arial Photograph Padang 8 - 10am

At 8am, hundreds of us will gather at the Padang to use our bodies to form the number '350' - the safe limit for CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. A boom lift will raise our photographer 12m into the air to capture this mass formation.

Wacky Walk Padang to SMU 10 - 11am

From the Padang , we will then 'wacky walk' our way to SMU…that's right, 'Wacky Walk'! Wear a costume, paint your face, walk sideways or any other outrageous gait, gallop or hop that you and your team can come up with. We challenge you to think out of the box and be as fun and creative as possible!

Prizes Food and More Fun SMU 11am -3pm

Win prizes for the Best Costume, the Wackiest Walk and Best Showmanship!

All registrants will also receive a Certificate of Participation.

Enjoy a delicious spread of vegan vegetarian cuisine from Loving Hut
(all participants will receive a Free $2 Food Voucher for use on that day, kindly sponsored by Loving Hut.)

Learn more about what each of us can do to curb climate change. Make a pledge to take action!

Please register by 17 Oct: Kindly include your name and contact number.

Click here for the Wacky Walk route, and here for a map of SMU.

Organised and/ or supported by:

ECO Singapore
Vegetarian Society Singapore

1. 350 part per million of CO2 or CO2 equivalents in other greenhouse gases, such as methane and nitrous oxide. Read more here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Loving Quality LQ as revealed by Supreme Master Ching Hai

In the just concluded L.O.V.E. Climate Change Conference held at Formosa Taiwan over the weekend Sunday Oct 11 2009, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke on the Noble Quality of animals as revealed in Her number one best selling book in "The Noble Wilds"

Furthermore, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed another quality which all living beings hold, called Loving Quality or Godly Quality. This is the quality of unconditional Love, the Love that transcends all boundaries, races and species, above and beyond the worldly love of husband/wife, mother/child. This is the Love of all beings.

Here are some of the figures for domestic animals which indicate to what extend they harbour the noble, unconditional, self-sacrificing Love... For domestic animals they range from a high of 300% to a low of 80%:

Dogs -> 110%
Pigs -> 120%
Ducks -> 90%
Chickens -> 90%
Buffalo -> 110%
Horses -> 180%

Wild Animals on average range from high of 300% to low of 30 %

wild monkeys -> 100%
bear -> 110%
elephants -> 100%
whales -> 300%
penguins -> 200%
seals -> 300%
cows -> 300%
dolphins -> 110%
rabbits -> 110%
tigers -> 20%
lions -> 21%
leopards -> 22%

Humans on average, have only 20% LQ, the highest human LQ is 90% and the lowest is 5%

The LQ for Saints is in the 1,000% range.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

LIVE Broadcast of L.O.V.E. Climate change Conference at Formosa

Peace diet

Be sure to watch Supreme Master Television for the exciting LIVE broadcast of global warming seminar in 7 hours time.. SUNDAY OCT 11 7.30 a.m. CET 1.30 p.m. Taipei, Taiwan

L. - for LOHAS "Livestyles Of Health And Sustainability"

O. - for Organic

V. - for Vegan

E. - for Eco

Find out what the invited speakers have to say on the urgent situation of our planet Earth.. and catch the always exciting question and answers session with Supreme Master Ching Hai..

Be Veg. Go Green. Save the planet.

We have to save the world together, united as one.. Change to the compassionate vegetarian lifestyle TODAY !!

Show your LOVE

Monday, September 21, 2009

SOS Global Warming is near !! Stop Eating Meat !!

With only 1221 days left before the major disastrous, unstoppable start of the arctic ice cap melt-down in year 2012, the message of global warming is ever more urgent.

Now this message is being brought to the consciousness of the Singapore public through the media of global warming buses plying the central heart of Singapore.

The message is clear, and the solution is equally simple. Be Vegetarian. That is how you can help to save our world.


The buses will start to patrol the roads in Singapore starting this week.

They are bus no. 55 operating from Bishan to Mandarin Gardens.

Bus no. 58 operating between Bishan and Pasi Ris Int.


Don't forget to catch the super double deck bus no. 143 running from Toa Payoh to Jurong Interchange. Enjoy the bliss of Supreme Master Ching Hai's blessings while on the journey to work or play... and help us and help yourselves by telling everyone you know about the major global warming crisis which can stop our lives, we need to stop eating meat now !!


If you are taking bus 131 from St. Michael Terminal to Bukit Merah Interchange, you can stop by Loving Hut at Bukit Merah Central !! Check out the third loving hut location which is at Block 161, Bukit Merah central.


Supreme Master Ching Hai said : "We don't have to die to save the world. Just be vegan."

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Loving Hut at Bukit Merah Central


It's open a few months now at up and coming Bukit Merah Central, the third Loving Hut outlet in Singapore.

The menus are all new and they have specialty dishes for every day of the week. For those out looking for a bargain in cheap healthy food, check out the eat-all-you-can Teochew porridge at $4.80 only on Saturdays.

Here's the easy direction to get there:
- alight at Redhill MRT station
- take bus no. 132 just outside the MRT station, that will bring you to the bus
terminal 5 minutes away.
- From the bukit merah bus terminal, walk across Bukit Merah Central using the overhead bridge, turn left and about 5 minutes away from Block 161, there is the Loving hut restaurant. It is located just in front of the Bukit Merah branch library!!

Other buses you can take to the Bukit Merah bus terminal:
5, 16, 57, 123, 131, 139, 153, 198, 272, 273 and 275

Also, from Tiong Bahru MRT, bus no. 5 and 851 will go to the bukit merah bus terminal in 5 minutes time...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vegan Maker, the Movie

Finally after hearing so much about the vegan maker recently I saw the first few minutes of the movie and immediately recognize that this is going to be a winner.

It is a movie that is designed to test your humanity... After watching this 90 minutes feature documentary and if you are still "unmoved", if you did not even shead a drop of tears, regardless of age, language, religion or sex, then you can consider that you have failed the test of humanity, and the sad corollary will be that your NQ as a human being is way below 10%, possibly 3 % even (that is kind of like rock bottom !!)

Yes, we are talking about the famous vegan maker movie called Earthlings.

Please visit their web site and purchase a copy of the movie. support the director with your money because he is going to come up with a sequel to that called UNITY.

Some new words we have learned. That mono specieism is a bad word. Trust humans to coin a phrase for almost every conceivable human experience !! And that multi specieism contributes to harmonious co-existence, biodiversity, preserves lives and provides for the continued happiness and existence of all beings under the sun.

If you are lost what it all means with those big words, just remember to be a vegan, that is what the message is all about.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good Photography Tips 4


Still on the issue of correct focus...

Normally in auto focus mode, the camera will blink the selected square focus point in red, and when focus is completed, the red square will turn green.

If you are taking close up shots or macro shots, and the focus point does not change color, or you are not hearing the familiar click which indicates focus completed, then one of the common reason is the camera lens is too close to the subject.

Every lens in a dSLR has a minimum focus distance. You need to find out what is the minimum distance to stay away from the subject. If you suspect that is the reason that the camera is not focusing properly and resulting in an unsharp photo, then all you need to do is back up away from the subject a little bit, until you hear the click sound when focusing, then you will know that the auto focus mechanism is working properly.

It's a small tip, but sometimes you can get caught up and move too close to the subject, and find that the camera focus is not working properly..


Friday, June 26, 2009

Seaweed Fish Slice


Let's go shopping again. Head straight to the vegetarian section.

This is a common vegetarian seaweed fish slice, and a very useful ingredient in your vegan cooking. How you use this vegan fish is entirely up to your imagination !

It is already seasoned and marinated as you can see, so you can actually boil it for a vegetarian soup, or cook it with fried rice ! It's so tasty the kids will really love it..

Once you get used to vegetarian fish, you will never want to kill and cook a real fish again...

Stay away from crime, stay away from murder, when you watch the trawling fish on the television, and all the fishes get caught up in the net, struggling for their very last breathe, flipping and turning on the deck in oxygen deprived starvation, you know that we had inflicted a great harm onto them...

We, ourselves, as sentient human beings, would not wish a superior power, an alien ET perhaps, to fry our skin and proclaim it tasty. We would not want to suffer the indignity, the pain, the torture to have oxygen denied to us, so that our limbs and our muscles convulse in epileptic seizure, in order that our human flesh may taste "better" for the alien ETs.

We, are the ETs !! We are the merciless power !! To the fishes in the ocean....
we are merciless, we are cruel, and we are senseless, we reduce ourselves to the level of beasts, when we proclaim a seafood soup as "delicious"

Save ourselves, save our lives, save our fishes, save our ocean, save our environment.

You don't have to die to save the world. Just be Vegan.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's cooking in the pot ?

vegan pot

Live a simple life, live a frugal but happy life !!

What's cooking ? Well, in the pot we have thick noodles with mixed vegetables,
also called chop suey... It is very delicious and tasty, you will never have enough of simple, high living. Served with love, and some pepper while hot, it will leave a lasting impression on you.. on a cool summer evening...

We need to go back to the basics, back to a sharing, loving, life-giving lifestyle.

Be frugal. Be Vegan. That is how we can save the world !

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good Photography Tips 3

Alright, assuming you have been following Tip No. 2 and moving away from green box auto, and playing with Program mode for a while, well what next ?

This tip is to encourage you to move away from auto focus point selection. It is called different names by different brand of cameras, and often the name is confusing, such as AI (artificial intelligence), AF (auto-focus) etc.. but basically it is a function where the camera decides the focus point automatically.

Here's a little story. A friend of mine complained that pictures are not as sharp as it should be. I was quite puzzled as the camera used is mid level DSLR (digital single lens reflex) and the lens on it is high quality too !! After browsing some of the photos taken with that camera, it soon dawned on me that the focus point selection is automatic ! That explains why the focus wasn't sharp, because by using the camera in auto focus point selection, nearly all the time, the camera will choose objects nearest the lens to focus on !! That is certainly something you don't want to do always.

When the camera selects the focus point, it could be one, or many.. and mostly these points will be on the near object. If you are using the Creative mode at the same time, i.e. Program, Aperture-priority, Shutter-priority or Manual, it could mean an incorrect exposure photo or a photo that turns out unsharp. Hence it is best that you choose the focus point manually rather than let the camera decide.
buffet service

In the photo above, the focus point selected by the camera is unpredictable. However, what do you want the focus point to be ? Is it the spoon, or the plate of vegan food, or anywhere on the buffet tray ?

So the first thing to experiment is to move out of automatic focal point selection. Read up the camera manual for some help as the procedure to do this depends very much on the make and model.

For the Canon 40D for example, to move away from auto focus point selection there are 3 steps. First, press the focus point selection button at the top right of the camera's back. Next, unlock the wheel selector by flipping the switch from "ON" position to the "wheel" position. Finally, you can now turn the wheel and it will scroll through the 9 AF points one by one as seen through the view finder.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Emperor's New Clothes or why swine flu was renamed to H1N1 A Influenza

We live in a complex world, getting increasingly more complicated.
We are told that in this age of complexity, complex diseases are bound to happen.
We need to resolve the basic underlying problems of these diseases, in a timely and wise manner, as it concerns the future livelihood of our children, the hopes of our human species and indeed the survival of our planet is at stake.

We present the simple innocence of a vegan child who wants to know why the world we live in is getting increasingly dangerous.

Child : Mommy, what is swine flu ?

Mother : My dear, swine flu is a new dangerous disease that came from the pigs and infected the human species.

Child : Mommy, why do they rename swine flu to H1N1 (A) Influenza ?

Mother : Well, my dear, the pork industry is a billion dollar industry in the US and they have the political muscle to sway the WHO into renaming it from swine flu to H1N1(A) influenza as the pork producers were afraid that people will stop eating pork.

Child : So, mommy, is swine flu the same as H1N1 (A) Influenza ?

Mother : Yes, my child, they refer to the same new disease that is a ravaging the world right now.. in 2009.

Child : So mommy, is it wrong to call it swine flu ?

Mother : No my child. Scientists have told us that they found 2 genes from the pigs, one gene from human and one gene from the bird flu, so as 50% of the genetic makeup of this new virus is from the pigs, it is not wrong to call it swine flu, my dear.

Child : Is it like the story of the Emperor's New Clothes ?

Mother : Yes, my dear, it is the same as the story you have heard. Everyone saw that the emperor is naked, but because the emperor weilds mighty power, no one dared to call him naked, except for an innocent child.

Child : Mommy, why are adults so complicated. Why can't they just stop eating meat ?

Mommy: Well, my dear, they have lost the innocence of a child as they grow up, that is why they become so complicated. They have acquired a set pattern and habbit of eating meat. All the advertisements in the radio, tv and newspapers tell you it is "healthy" to eat meat. You cannot watch tv nowadays without hitting
a "meat is good" advertisement 5 seconds into the interval. So with such brain washing going on daily to sustain the meat industry, it is little wonder that the adults have acquired the bad habbit of meat eating and find it so difficult to change to a more compassionate plant-based diet.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tropical Noodle

tropical noodle closeup

Here's a close up look of the Loving Hut tropical noodle latest edition.

The faux prawn is replaced with veggie meat. The spicy chilli is red hot and if you are a chilli lover you will appreciate it. It is especially noticeable if you are ordering the dry version, so if you are not good at eating chilli, just leave those small red chilli aside.

Enjoy the new tropical noodle and please pray for all the sea creatures that have to undergo torture at the trawler's nets. The best way to live is to spare other beings' lives.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Traditional Malay Vegan Dish - Mee Siam


Here we take to-go meal from Xing Hua again,

and this time it is Mee Siam !! Another traditional Malay favourite which uses thin noodle somewhat similar to Chinese bee hoon, but the gravy has peanuts in it.. some people prefer lots and lots of peanuts..

You don't have to sacrifice your taste to save the world, just be vegan !

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vegan Fried Oyster Pancake

fied bee hoon

Today we ordered some take away meals from Xing Hua Vegetarian Restaurant.

This is a fried beehoon meal with two side dishes. One of the side dish is the vegan fried oyster pancake. Many years ago, it used to be found along Tanjong Pagar Road, but this dish has been rarely seen in vegan version. There is no oyster used at all !! But it is simply delicious beyond description... You have to taste it if you are craving for a fried dish. It has roasted peanuts toppings and seaweed, mushroom and carrots fillings.

The other side dish is the tow-kee, or dry bean curd skin, sauted till it is silky soft and delicate, garnished with black wooden fungus mushroom.

Yummy.. If you like to try it, the stall is at Block 201D #01-1171 in Tampinese Street 21. They have branches in Middle Road, Fortune Center and at Bencoolen opposite Albert Complex.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vegan Laksa


Vegan Laksa from Xing Hua Vegetarian to-go !

Here you see the rich thick gravy covering the "tow-pok" or fried tofu skin. It soaks up the taste and flavour, and it is vegan !

It is amazing that a vegetarian restaurant from China can adapt their cooking so well to the local taste and flavour. With rich curry and coconut mixed with spices, laksa is a year round favourite in this part of the world. The vegan version is just as spicy and hot, and having no animal ingredients in it is a great plus both for the consumer spiritually and for saving the planet !

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tofu with chai por


Introducing another simple home cooking idea. Steamed soft tofu with chai por, or preserved salted vegetables. Soak the preserved vegetables up to 20 minutes to make sure the preservatives are removed, and it will also be less salty to taste.

This easy meal forms a ready to eat side dish served with rice or noodle.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Good Photography Tips 2


If you are moving from a point and shoot camera to a higher end compact camera or DSLR camera, then you should be very familiar with the "Auto" shooting mode, or the Green mode as it is called sometimes.

In the Auto mode, everything is pre-arranged by the camera, all you need to do is point the camera and press the shutter button, hence it is called point-and-shoot.

In this mode, there is minimum control and minimum fuss. You just trust the camera to do the work for you, select the right focus, exposure etc. Most of the time it will do a proper job, but on occassions it will miss the mark.

The various scene modes commonly found in P & S cameras, such as night scene, portrait, sports, landscape etc are also special Auto modes. They assume that you are going to shoot the subject indicated and the camera will arrange certain parameters suitable for those conditions.

So if you are moving up to a better camera, it will also be time to explore other features of the camera by moving away from the "Auto" mode, such as using the Program Mode. The program mode is the bridge from complete Auto to the creative, or more manual modes.

Play around with the Program Mode, and learn to shoot in this mode, until you grow out of it, then you can explore the other more "advanced" modes such as Aperture-priority, Shutter-priority and full manual.

In the Program Mode, you can explore taking photos with different exposure values, by simply turning the dial, and you will find the exposure values are equivalent for the same scene. This means the photos should come out more or less the same brightness but each time you turn the dial, a different apperture and speed combination is used.

tofu pockets

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Buffet breakfast with Loving Hut - Vegan kaya bread


Here's a nice vegan breakfast idea !!

Call Loving Hut if you are holding a vegan buffet party and order the sumptious platter of toasted French bread with delicious vegan kaya.

And a cup of healthy green tea to go along with the bread would just be perfect..

A healthy life saving meal is a great way to start your day !


Monday, May 18, 2009

Delicious Children's Fish Meal

children's meal

Cook a vegan fish meal for the children toay !!

They will like it. It's healthy, it's delicious, it's tasty, it's colorful, it's life saving !!

Sweet and sour fish made using the faux seaweed fish slices saute with slices of cucumber and tomatoes.. sweet and delightful for children..

Add a ham and tofu vegetables soup, and you have a perfect meal for your growing up kids..

It's humane. It's kind to be a vegetarian.

Spread the love in your vegetarian cooking. Everyone in the family will enjoy it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hsihu Beauty 西湖美景

hsihu 1

The new book Celestial Art commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the founding of Hsihu Center. This series of posts will introduce you to the beauty of hsihu and its varous landscapes. In the beginning, the Hsihu Center was a farming outpost with nothing but tall, wild grasses in its early days, and having been transformed through the hard work of Supreme Master Ching Hai and residents there into such a beautiful place it is now..

The transformation is nothing short of miraculous and visitors are full of amazement at the tremendous beauty and spiritual peace which exist in the air..


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Say NO to Human Swine Flu !! Ban all meat products from your life !!

The signs are clear. We know what it is.. A hybrid mutant bird-swine-human flu is affecting almost 22 countries in the world and spreading rapidly amongst human beings.

We have to stop it now.. or let it kill us all..

How best can we do that ?

The answer is clear and simple to millions of vegetarians all over the world.

Heed our call for action. Please ban meat and all meat-based products from your life !!

That is how you can help to save the world.

Please act now before it is too late. We need to stop the global warming crisis, the disasters and plagues affecting us... All these we can stop if we have peace in our plate. Ban meat !! It is killing all of us.

Be Veg. Go Veg. Be Virtuous. Save our world !

Monday, May 4, 2009

Vegan Asam Sour Fish 亚参素鱼空心菜汤

asam fish kang kong

What's cooking today ?

Well, it's our favourite faux fish dish, the sour Asam fish with kang kong. This home cooked dish is garnished with cut ginger pieces and sliced tomatoes. This is really delicious, and the ingredients are so simple, you can do it at home.

When you eat the asam fish soup, you don't have to worry about the errant fish bone becoming lodge in your throat, and then for some very anxious moments, you will be wondering are you going to be alright ? Will you make it through the day ? Are you going to survive the ordeal ? Do you need to get to the doctor, and is the doctor going to fix the problem for you ??

When you are in that very agonizing and anxious moments, with a bent but sharp fish bone lodge somewhere in your oesophagus, do remember the pain of the piercing fish bone.. Remember the pain of the fish hook, it feels exactly the same !!

Remember the tons of fish being hauled off the nets of the sea, and killed in broad daylight with merciless blows of clubs on the deck of the fishing boat.

Remember your pain, and remember the pain of the fish which we trauled from their habitat, we killed and hunted relentlessly until the species die almost extinct, and the resources of the sea becomes depleted.

Remember the pain, and switch to a life saving vegan lifestyle! It is the only lifestlye that guarantees our continuity and perpetuity and the safety of humans and all living beings !! Remember that the fish has every right to live, just as you do, and spare them their lives.

Live the vegan lifestyle and say goodbye to fish bone forever !

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Triple Mutant Human Swine Flu - What can you do ??

Please heed the warnings of nature. You know that the Human Swine Flu came from
the pig farm. It has mutated to combine bird flu, swine flu and human flu all in one..

If you don't want our children to live in a dangerous world, you can do something to stop the flu !!

Yes, by voting with your diet... Switch to vegan or vegetarian diet now !!

When you eat meat, you put your money to continue supporting the pig farms, continue to provide breeding ground for the virus to grow stronger and multiply.

You are responsible for our future !!

Please drop meat from your diet now ... We are already at the brink of a full-fledged pandemic.. Only one thing can change the tide, turn the table of global warming, and the incessant disasters, diseases, floods, typhoons and freak weather.

You can stop it !! With love, and compassion !!

Be Veg. Stop the Swine Flu.. Save our planet and our children !!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Buddha Boy


Coming this Sunday on Supreme Master Television, the story of Buddha Boy Ram Bahadur Bom Jan of Nepal.

You have probably heard of the Buddha boy who spent long hours meditating in the forest, and occassionally appearing in the public to bless the people.
Listen to the messages he brings to us ...


Sunday, May 3 - Part 1
Monday, May 4 - Part 2

Show Times:

North America The Middle East Africa
Los Angeles Teheran Cape Town
22:30 (-) 04:30 10:00 16:00 08:30 14:30
10:30 16:30 22:00 04:00 (+) 20:30 02:30 (+)

Central America Europe Asia
Panama City Paris Beijing/Taipei
00:30 06:30 07:30 13:30 14:30 20:30
12:30 18:30 19:30 01:30 (+) 02:30 (+) 08:30 (+)

South America Oceania Moscow
Buenos Aires Sydney
03:30 09:30 17:30 23:30 09:30 15:30
15:30 21:30 05:30 (+) 11:30 (+) 21:30 03:30 (+)

(+) airtime day after
(-) airtime day before


If you miss the scheduled broadcast you can download the video a few days later from
Supreme Master Television - Journey through Aesthetic Realm

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Presidential Award

Throughout the years, Supreme Master Ching Hai's humanitarian activites have been recognized by many government and non-government bodies with many awards.
Gusi Peace Prize

Most recently in 2006, Supreme Master Ching Hai is the recipient of the Philippines Gusi Peace Prize
Telly Award

Other accolades for Supreme Master Ching Hai include the first place silver, 27th Annual Telly Award in 2006 for the "Peace Seeker".


In 1994, governors of six midwest States in the US presented Supreme Master Ching Hai with World Spiritual Leadership Award. In 1993, Mayor of Honolulu USA awarded the International Peace Award and an Honorary Citizenship to Supreme Master Ching Hai.

The latest honor came from the 43rd president of the USA with the President Award of Active Lifestyle.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Loving Hut opens in Phoenix, Arizona !

Great news coming in from

The latest Loving Hut to open in Phoenix, Arizona.

Here's the address..
Loving Hut @ Phoenix, Arizona
3515 W Union Hills Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85308

Since the opening, Loving Hut has received enthusiastic, raving reviews..

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Save Our Earth Conference 2009 Protecting the Environment & Respecting All Lives

Great News !! A live video conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai is coming up this weekend, on Sunday April 26 2009


The Save Our Earth Conference 2009 will be held in Seoul, Korea.

april 2

On Supreme Master Television, the broadcast time will be 3 pm in Seoul, Korea
8 am Central European Time, for those who live in Paris, France.

april 3

Timings for other cities in the world as follows:

Los Angeles 11:00 pm April 25 Saturday
New York 2:00 am April 26 Sunday
London 7:00 am April 26 Sunday
Paris 8:00 am April 26 Sunday
Moscow 10:00 am April 26 Sunday
Abu Dubai 10:00 am April 26 Sunday
Tehran 10:30 am April 26 Sunday
Kolkata 11:30 am April 26 Sunday
Taipei 2:00 pm April 26 Sunday
Seoul 3:00 pm April 26 Sunday
Sydney 4:00 pm April 26 Sunday
Wellington 6:00 pm April 26 Sunday

april 4

For more information, or to register online :

or call +82 (0)2-3462-9553

Be sure to catch the exciting live video conference on

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Watercress and veggie ham soup


What's for soup today ?

Watercress soup !! Delicious thick gravy with watercress, veggie ham and tofu cubes.

So simple and easy to make... You can optionally garnish it with sprinkling of dried seaweed pieces. This soup makes you come home from a tired day of work, feeling refreshed and energetic... Served it with plain white rice or brown rice !