Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Simple vegan cooking - homey porridge

vegan porridge

This a simple home cooking recipe for a delicious and nuitritious vegan porridge.

If you have some over-night rice, or rice left over in your rice cooker from last evening's
dinner, then you can cook up a delicious meal of vegan porridge.

Here is the ingredient list.

1) 4 dried shitakae mushrooms
2) cabbage leaves
3) kang kong or other green vegetables
4) frozen vegetarian fish slices
5) 4 vegetarian dumplings
6) 3-4 oyster mushroom
7) 1 plate of overnight fried rice
8) vegetarian seasoning
9) dry fried shallots
10) salt
11) pepper


1) Dip the dried shitakae mushrooms in a small bowl of water for about 15-20 minutes, making sure that
the mushroom is completely submerged in water. After the mushroom has soften enough, cut off the stem
and throw it away. The rest of the mushroom to cut in long slices.

2) While the mushrooms are softening, prepare another small bowl with some water and tear off some cabbage
leaves to let it soak in the water. Add a little salt to the water to remove any pesticide if the cabbage
is not organic cabbage. The cabbage leaves should be torn in small pieces to make sure it can be cooked thoroughly
and fast.

3) cut the kang kong or other green vegetables into small slices, again, to shorten the cooking time.

4) Defrost the frozen vegetarian fish slice or vegetarian dumplings by letting it stand in a bowl at room temperature.


The cooking method is simple and fast, you should be able to cook up a meal in half an hour's time.

First boil some water in a pot using medium heat. Put in the softened mushroom slices and cabbage leaves which takes
longer to cook. After about 15 minutes add in the kang kong leaves and vegetarian fish slices.

When the vegetables are starting to boil, pour in the plate of over-night rice. If the rice is not enough, you can add
some kway teow or thin horfun noodles to supplement. Pour in the oyster mushroom at the same time.

Add the vegetarian seasonings, pepper and salt, to taste.

Once the porride starts to boil again, put in the dumplings, and let the porridge boil for a minute or two.

Turn off the fire and add the dry fried shallots (optional)

Let the porridge cool down and serve.

For new vegetarians who are used to meat eating, the dry shallots and pepper spices are welcome and familiar to them.

For long time vegans, these additional spices are not necessary as most vegans will prefer a milder taste.

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