Saturday, May 30, 2009

Traditional Malay Vegan Dish - Mee Siam


Here we take to-go meal from Xing Hua again,

and this time it is Mee Siam !! Another traditional Malay favourite which uses thin noodle somewhat similar to Chinese bee hoon, but the gravy has peanuts in it.. some people prefer lots and lots of peanuts..

You don't have to sacrifice your taste to save the world, just be vegan !

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vegan Fried Oyster Pancake

fied bee hoon

Today we ordered some take away meals from Xing Hua Vegetarian Restaurant.

This is a fried beehoon meal with two side dishes. One of the side dish is the vegan fried oyster pancake. Many years ago, it used to be found along Tanjong Pagar Road, but this dish has been rarely seen in vegan version. There is no oyster used at all !! But it is simply delicious beyond description... You have to taste it if you are craving for a fried dish. It has roasted peanuts toppings and seaweed, mushroom and carrots fillings.

The other side dish is the tow-kee, or dry bean curd skin, sauted till it is silky soft and delicate, garnished with black wooden fungus mushroom.

Yummy.. If you like to try it, the stall is at Block 201D #01-1171 in Tampinese Street 21. They have branches in Middle Road, Fortune Center and at Bencoolen opposite Albert Complex.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vegan Laksa


Vegan Laksa from Xing Hua Vegetarian to-go !

Here you see the rich thick gravy covering the "tow-pok" or fried tofu skin. It soaks up the taste and flavour, and it is vegan !

It is amazing that a vegetarian restaurant from China can adapt their cooking so well to the local taste and flavour. With rich curry and coconut mixed with spices, laksa is a year round favourite in this part of the world. The vegan version is just as spicy and hot, and having no animal ingredients in it is a great plus both for the consumer spiritually and for saving the planet !

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tofu with chai por


Introducing another simple home cooking idea. Steamed soft tofu with chai por, or preserved salted vegetables. Soak the preserved vegetables up to 20 minutes to make sure the preservatives are removed, and it will also be less salty to taste.

This easy meal forms a ready to eat side dish served with rice or noodle.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Good Photography Tips 2


If you are moving from a point and shoot camera to a higher end compact camera or DSLR camera, then you should be very familiar with the "Auto" shooting mode, or the Green mode as it is called sometimes.

In the Auto mode, everything is pre-arranged by the camera, all you need to do is point the camera and press the shutter button, hence it is called point-and-shoot.

In this mode, there is minimum control and minimum fuss. You just trust the camera to do the work for you, select the right focus, exposure etc. Most of the time it will do a proper job, but on occassions it will miss the mark.

The various scene modes commonly found in P & S cameras, such as night scene, portrait, sports, landscape etc are also special Auto modes. They assume that you are going to shoot the subject indicated and the camera will arrange certain parameters suitable for those conditions.

So if you are moving up to a better camera, it will also be time to explore other features of the camera by moving away from the "Auto" mode, such as using the Program Mode. The program mode is the bridge from complete Auto to the creative, or more manual modes.

Play around with the Program Mode, and learn to shoot in this mode, until you grow out of it, then you can explore the other more "advanced" modes such as Aperture-priority, Shutter-priority and full manual.

In the Program Mode, you can explore taking photos with different exposure values, by simply turning the dial, and you will find the exposure values are equivalent for the same scene. This means the photos should come out more or less the same brightness but each time you turn the dial, a different apperture and speed combination is used.

tofu pockets

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Buffet breakfast with Loving Hut - Vegan kaya bread


Here's a nice vegan breakfast idea !!

Call Loving Hut if you are holding a vegan buffet party and order the sumptious platter of toasted French bread with delicious vegan kaya.

And a cup of healthy green tea to go along with the bread would just be perfect..

A healthy life saving meal is a great way to start your day !


Monday, May 18, 2009

Delicious Children's Fish Meal

children's meal

Cook a vegan fish meal for the children toay !!

They will like it. It's healthy, it's delicious, it's tasty, it's colorful, it's life saving !!

Sweet and sour fish made using the faux seaweed fish slices saute with slices of cucumber and tomatoes.. sweet and delightful for children..

Add a ham and tofu vegetables soup, and you have a perfect meal for your growing up kids..

It's humane. It's kind to be a vegetarian.

Spread the love in your vegetarian cooking. Everyone in the family will enjoy it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hsihu Beauty 西湖美景

hsihu 1

The new book Celestial Art commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the founding of Hsihu Center. This series of posts will introduce you to the beauty of hsihu and its varous landscapes. In the beginning, the Hsihu Center was a farming outpost with nothing but tall, wild grasses in its early days, and having been transformed through the hard work of Supreme Master Ching Hai and residents there into such a beautiful place it is now..

The transformation is nothing short of miraculous and visitors are full of amazement at the tremendous beauty and spiritual peace which exist in the air..


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Say NO to Human Swine Flu !! Ban all meat products from your life !!

The signs are clear. We know what it is.. A hybrid mutant bird-swine-human flu is affecting almost 22 countries in the world and spreading rapidly amongst human beings.

We have to stop it now.. or let it kill us all..

How best can we do that ?

The answer is clear and simple to millions of vegetarians all over the world.

Heed our call for action. Please ban meat and all meat-based products from your life !!

That is how you can help to save the world.

Please act now before it is too late. We need to stop the global warming crisis, the disasters and plagues affecting us... All these we can stop if we have peace in our plate. Ban meat !! It is killing all of us.

Be Veg. Go Veg. Be Virtuous. Save our world !

Monday, May 4, 2009

Vegan Asam Sour Fish 亚参素鱼空心菜汤

asam fish kang kong

What's cooking today ?

Well, it's our favourite faux fish dish, the sour Asam fish with kang kong. This home cooked dish is garnished with cut ginger pieces and sliced tomatoes. This is really delicious, and the ingredients are so simple, you can do it at home.

When you eat the asam fish soup, you don't have to worry about the errant fish bone becoming lodge in your throat, and then for some very anxious moments, you will be wondering are you going to be alright ? Will you make it through the day ? Are you going to survive the ordeal ? Do you need to get to the doctor, and is the doctor going to fix the problem for you ??

When you are in that very agonizing and anxious moments, with a bent but sharp fish bone lodge somewhere in your oesophagus, do remember the pain of the piercing fish bone.. Remember the pain of the fish hook, it feels exactly the same !!

Remember the tons of fish being hauled off the nets of the sea, and killed in broad daylight with merciless blows of clubs on the deck of the fishing boat.

Remember your pain, and remember the pain of the fish which we trauled from their habitat, we killed and hunted relentlessly until the species die almost extinct, and the resources of the sea becomes depleted.

Remember the pain, and switch to a life saving vegan lifestyle! It is the only lifestlye that guarantees our continuity and perpetuity and the safety of humans and all living beings !! Remember that the fish has every right to live, just as you do, and spare them their lives.

Live the vegan lifestyle and say goodbye to fish bone forever !

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Triple Mutant Human Swine Flu - What can you do ??

Please heed the warnings of nature. You know that the Human Swine Flu came from
the pig farm. It has mutated to combine bird flu, swine flu and human flu all in one..

If you don't want our children to live in a dangerous world, you can do something to stop the flu !!

Yes, by voting with your diet... Switch to vegan or vegetarian diet now !!

When you eat meat, you put your money to continue supporting the pig farms, continue to provide breeding ground for the virus to grow stronger and multiply.

You are responsible for our future !!

Please drop meat from your diet now ... We are already at the brink of a full-fledged pandemic.. Only one thing can change the tide, turn the table of global warming, and the incessant disasters, diseases, floods, typhoons and freak weather.

You can stop it !! With love, and compassion !!

Be Veg. Stop the Swine Flu.. Save our planet and our children !!