Sunday, October 25, 2009

We Are on Twitter !!

Yes, now you can find us on Twitter/AmVeganNGreen

There will be short one liner announcements and important news being broadcast from Supreme Master Television will also be featured here.. so catch the most important and latest news by following us on Twitter !!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deep Fried Oyster Mushroom

No matter how many times we tried it, we like it very much... finger food at Loving Hut is delicious and there are plenty of varieties to choose from..

Fried Oyster Mushroom

Who needs to eat seafood or oysters or animals when you have such lovingly prepared, delicate cuisine such as the vegan variety shown in this picture ? Absolutely adorable, delectable, simply heavenly.

When you eat right, and you eat according to God's will, happiness fills you inside and out !! Live with love and respect for all beings.

Live as you want others to spare your lives, so spare the lives of sea creatures and animals. We have tortured, maimed and killed them for centuries. It is high time we came out of the bad karmic retribution.

corn soup

Order this side dish or as a rice set, which comes with the soup of the day. Shown here is the corn and carrot soup sprinkled with generous amounts of goji berries. Goji berries or wolf berries are good for improving your eye sight and used in Chinese medicine as such; it is also known to purify the blood.

sos bus 9

Catch the SOS global warming bus 131 any way from Whampoa, to Bukit Timah, Thomson, Bencoolen Street, to Shenton Way and it will bring you right to the Bukit Merah bus interchange, within 3 minutes walking distance from Loving Hut at POSB block 161, just in front of Bukit Merah branch library.

The double decker SOS bus no. 143 runs from Toa Payoh, Orchard to Jurong East interchange.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

International Day of Climate Action

Climate Action

They showed that 350 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere is the safe limit for humanity.1

The bad news is we’re already past that number - we’re at 390 parts per million, which is why the Arctic is melting, why drought is spreading across the planet, why humanity is facing perhaps its greatest challenge ever.

The good news: that number gives us a target to aim for.

On 24th Oct, be heard, seen and felt in fun and meaningful activities that will spread this urgent message!

Arial Photograph Padang 8 - 10am

At 8am, hundreds of us will gather at the Padang to use our bodies to form the number '350' - the safe limit for CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. A boom lift will raise our photographer 12m into the air to capture this mass formation.

Wacky Walk Padang to SMU 10 - 11am

From the Padang , we will then 'wacky walk' our way to SMU…that's right, 'Wacky Walk'! Wear a costume, paint your face, walk sideways or any other outrageous gait, gallop or hop that you and your team can come up with. We challenge you to think out of the box and be as fun and creative as possible!

Prizes Food and More Fun SMU 11am -3pm

Win prizes for the Best Costume, the Wackiest Walk and Best Showmanship!

All registrants will also receive a Certificate of Participation.

Enjoy a delicious spread of vegan vegetarian cuisine from Loving Hut
(all participants will receive a Free $2 Food Voucher for use on that day, kindly sponsored by Loving Hut.)

Learn more about what each of us can do to curb climate change. Make a pledge to take action!

Please register by 17 Oct: Kindly include your name and contact number.

Click here for the Wacky Walk route, and here for a map of SMU.

Organised and/ or supported by:

ECO Singapore
Vegetarian Society Singapore

1. 350 part per million of CO2 or CO2 equivalents in other greenhouse gases, such as methane and nitrous oxide. Read more here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Loving Quality LQ as revealed by Supreme Master Ching Hai

In the just concluded L.O.V.E. Climate Change Conference held at Formosa Taiwan over the weekend Sunday Oct 11 2009, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke on the Noble Quality of animals as revealed in Her number one best selling book in "The Noble Wilds"

Furthermore, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed another quality which all living beings hold, called Loving Quality or Godly Quality. This is the quality of unconditional Love, the Love that transcends all boundaries, races and species, above and beyond the worldly love of husband/wife, mother/child. This is the Love of all beings.

Here are some of the figures for domestic animals which indicate to what extend they harbour the noble, unconditional, self-sacrificing Love... For domestic animals they range from a high of 300% to a low of 80%:

Dogs -> 110%
Pigs -> 120%
Ducks -> 90%
Chickens -> 90%
Buffalo -> 110%
Horses -> 180%

Wild Animals on average range from high of 300% to low of 30 %

wild monkeys -> 100%
bear -> 110%
elephants -> 100%
whales -> 300%
penguins -> 200%
seals -> 300%
cows -> 300%
dolphins -> 110%
rabbits -> 110%
tigers -> 20%
lions -> 21%
leopards -> 22%

Humans on average, have only 20% LQ, the highest human LQ is 90% and the lowest is 5%

The LQ for Saints is in the 1,000% range.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

LIVE Broadcast of L.O.V.E. Climate change Conference at Formosa

Peace diet

Be sure to watch Supreme Master Television for the exciting LIVE broadcast of global warming seminar in 7 hours time.. SUNDAY OCT 11 7.30 a.m. CET 1.30 p.m. Taipei, Taiwan

L. - for LOHAS "Livestyles Of Health And Sustainability"

O. - for Organic

V. - for Vegan

E. - for Eco

Find out what the invited speakers have to say on the urgent situation of our planet Earth.. and catch the always exciting question and answers session with Supreme Master Ching Hai..

Be Veg. Go Green. Save the planet.

We have to save the world together, united as one.. Change to the compassionate vegetarian lifestyle TODAY !!

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