Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Special - Who needs pork ??

Loving Hut BMC Sunday-only special meals include the Vegan Roast Pork Noodle.

My God, if you didn't know it is vegan, you could be fooled into thinking you need to kill a pig just for roasted meat !! Wow.. it's so unbelievably realistic !!

Vegan Roast Pork noodle

With the swine flu pandemic still ranging, unstoppable and uncontrollable according to WHO, we should turn around. Stop the killing of pigs and animals for food.

They have a right to live an unhazzled life, a right to breathe the same air and feel the sunshine on their skins. Do NOT kill animals. They are here to grace the Earth, support us and bless us with their beings. Kill them and you kill a part of yourselves. Kill the animals, and you don't live a peaceful life anymore. Disasters strike, diseases haunt you, fear of the demon possesses you ..

Move away from evil. Turn to the Light. Live free, live tall, and be blessed with God's Mercy..

Oyster Rice Set

Also available on the Sunday menu at BMC Loving Hut is the perenial favourite, vegan fried kway teow. You came all the way to BMC for this didn't you ? Please tell your friends you read about it in this blog, and bring your family here..

sos bus 16

Global warming is imminent, only 1100 odd days left.. have you taken action to change your life ?

Put your heart where your mouth is !! Live the Vegan, life saving style.

Be Veg. Do Good deeds, pray. Save the planet !

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Conversation with God 天何言哉?

Meat-eater : Hey God, What's the beef ?

God : ????

Meat-eater : Are you a vegetarian ? or a vegan, maybe ?

God : ....

Meat-eater : Hey Dude, what's the noodle ?

God : ....

Meat-eater: Oh, you don't eat up HERE, do you ? I see.. you're a Breatharian !!

God : ....

Meat-eater : First week of 2010 man, why the freaking weather ?
USA and China, floods, snow, hailstorms, airport closures ?
2 quakes at Solomon Islands, one at Philippines,... don't ya have a
better New Year gift for us than this ?

God : ....

Meat-eater : Why 'unstoppable' swine flu ? Why are you raining diseases down
on Earth that are incurable ?

God : ....

Meat-eater : What ya thinking man ?? What ya thinking ?? BTW, how do i address you,
your holiness ??

God : Sonny, look at the plate on your table !

Meat-eater : The stuff that i eat every day ? Why ? Meat of course !!

God : .....

Meat-eater : You mean it's got something to do with the stuff i eat every day ??

God : Yup !!

Meat-eater : But it's been done centuries ago !! It's a tradition here on Earth !! It's what we call culture !!
Are you too HIGH up there your holiness ??

God : That's the reason why you are down THERE, and I am up HERE ;-)

Meat-eater : You mean all this global warming and climate change stuff has got something to do with what I eat ??

God : Yup !!

Meat-eater : But it is CO2, man, CO2 is the main ghg heating up the planet, is it NOT your holiness ?

God : It's Methane... NOT CO2 !!

Meat-eater : Methane ? Why nobody told me about this ! And where does the methane comes from ?? ...

God : And NO2 too !! They came from livestock breeding and massive large scaled industrialized killing machines down THERE.

Meat-eater : So eating meat, and killing another being is wrong ?? Why didn't you taught us that in the Bible ?

God : It's there in the First...

Meat-eater : The First Commandment ?? Why it says "Thou Shalt NOT KILL" only !! There's no reference to
animals.. Isn't that supposed to mean not killing a fellow human being ??

God : ....

Meat-eater : Why can't it be put clearer in the Bible ? You should have told us you know ?

God : ....

Meat-eater : I see now...We should not kill animals or humans. Are you laconic, your holiness ?

God : Yup.

Meat-eater : That could cause a lot of misunderstanding you know ? i mean, your holiness... the Bible could be
interpreted any way i want..

God : ....

Meat-eater : OK.. I get it... Raising animals create methane which is responsible for climate change and
eating meat is wrong. I will change.. I promise... I will turn vegan...

God : ....

Meat-eater : When can i start ? When is the ultimatmum ?

God : NOW.

Meat-eater : OKay.. Okay... I promise... But, man, when is it too late to repent ?

God : The time when the arctic ice melts down completely.

Meat-eater : Okay.. that's about 2012 isn't it... I'll do it right NOW, and I promise to tell every one about it..

God : ....

Meat-eater : Yes... I am serious NOW !! Please give me one last chance..

God : Save yourself.

Meat-eater : I'll set my heart to it... I promise, lord.. Bye..