Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vegan Maker, the Movie

Finally after hearing so much about the vegan maker recently I saw the first few minutes of the movie and immediately recognize that this is going to be a winner.

It is a movie that is designed to test your humanity... After watching this 90 minutes feature documentary and if you are still "unmoved", if you did not even shead a drop of tears, regardless of age, language, religion or sex, then you can consider that you have failed the test of humanity, and the sad corollary will be that your NQ as a human being is way below 10%, possibly 3 % even (that is kind of like rock bottom !!)

Yes, we are talking about the famous vegan maker movie called Earthlings.

Please visit their web site and purchase a copy of the movie. support the director with your money because he is going to come up with a sequel to that called UNITY.

Some new words we have learned. That mono specieism is a bad word. Trust humans to coin a phrase for almost every conceivable human experience !! And that multi specieism contributes to harmonious co-existence, biodiversity, preserves lives and provides for the continued happiness and existence of all beings under the sun.

If you are lost what it all means with those big words, just remember to be a vegan, that is what the message is all about.