Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Suntec City Loving Hut New Year 2013

Christmas is just over and now is the time to introduce the New Year treat from Singapore Suntec City Loving Hut..

Click on the brochure to view a larger version!

Loving Hut Suntec 2013

There is still a few more days to go, so those who have not tried the Loving Hut Special Meal should book early to avoid disappointment..


Just take a look at this mouth watering steak... !! Fabulous ! Dinner is served as usual on two time slots 6pm or 8pm on 30 & 31 Dec. And the price is the same as the Christmas Special.


On the Christmas blog, we talked about the fantastic entree. Here for the New Year 2013, it is going to be Stuffed Aubergine Dipper with Masculine Salad and Balsamic Vinaigrette. Expect to be pampered and surprised... We rate Suntec Loving Hut appetizer as first class and we never get enough of it.


The soup is Cream of Mushroom with Bread Bowl. We love the presentation, and the bread bowl is actually quite big with a bread cover. It is quite filling by the time you finish it..


A choice of one of 4 main courses will be offered. Course A is Grilled BBQ Nugget Fillet with Spicy Peanut Sauce, served with Buttered Rice and Veggie.


This dish reminds us of the famous Loving Hut satay, the same BBQ flavor and excellent texture. Many years ago, Loving Hut @ Suntec City was the first restaurant to introduce vegan satay to the Singapore food scene. We like the slippery vegan butter flavored rice too !


Course B is Char Grilled Black Pepper Steak with Black Pepper Sauce served with Sauteed Herbs Potato and Buttered Veggie. For all vegan steak lovers, this dish is a must-try !


Course C is Breaded Oat Crumb Ocean Fillet with Mushroom Sauce served with Creamed Potato and Buttered Veggie. Just take a look at the delicious fillet showered with mushroom sauce ! It is the pièce de résistance ..


For Course D it is the Pasta Alfredo with Crunchy Vacon Bits. It is generally conceded that Loving Hut has the best specialty spaghetti dishes for the Western cuisine including many tasty sauces as any vegan foodie can attest since the time when Loving Hut used to opearte a branch at Parklane Shopping Mall..


The last dish served for the new year dinner will be the Mango Crepe with Vanilla Ice-Cream. Hurry and call now to make the reservation..
Bon Appetit !

Monday, December 24, 2012

3 Days of Light

The clouds are bright and shiny although at night the skies are dark with almost a hint of deep blue. It was very dark at night.


It is three days after Dec 21 2012. We are still alive. The planet survived... how did it happened ?


What's with the ancient prophecies ? Was it wrong again ?


Well no, actually. The ancient prophecies are pretty accurate.. The Mayan calendar is pretty accurate.

The three days of darkness has turned into three days of light.

Loving Hut Christmas

We are on a different timeline now. Our probable future of catastrophe has been averted.

All this is possible because of the will of the World Saviour Incarnate (WSI). If not for the great compassion of the WSI, the Earth would be toast by now. We would have become disembodied entities.


For just one reason alone, for the mercy and grace of the WSI, the Earth was spared.. Every day we have now, we live in gratitude for the herculean efforts of WSI and the band of Buddhas and Bodhisatvas of the ten directions together with their negotiation with the Chief Architect, the matrix was allowed to continue for us to enjoy, for our benefit, for our spiritual growth.


So we celebrate Christmas by going to Loving Hut at Suntec, Singapore. There is no better place to celebrate.


There was a large crowd of vegan supporters as the restaurant tables were quickly filled up.


We ordered the Spring Chunk and Vegan Lasagna set. The starter entree is actually the most interesting dish in the cold December night.


It has an incredible buttery sensation wrapped on a crispy crepe-like pastry. Very delicate and the taste is absolutely exquisite. This is filled with C'food Nantua with Masculine Salad and Balsamic Dressing. Biting into the C'food the texture is both delightful and sensational. We have lingering memories of this gourmet treat long afterwards on the way home.


Next comes the soup.. We love the thick texture. Thick soup has been our favorite rather than the slurpy Chinese version. This soup has a rich flavour with very faint hint of Chestnut and Carrot and comes with a non-garlic stick which we have indicated was our preference.

The main course of Spring Chunk has a smoked BBQ sauce that is interesting and novel. And the vegan lasagna is decidedly heavenly.


For dessert we have a slice of vegan orange cake which is nice, and the yogurt-like Panna Cotta wraps up the sweet taste for the night.

We have been regularly tasting Loving Hut Christmas treat and tonight it is once again proof that great taste can come without sacrificing love or mercy.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012 Loving Hut Singapore Christmas Special

As is customary practice, Loving Hut Singapore has prepared special 4 course dinner meals during Christmas for all vegan lovers. They can be booked at the Suntec Loving Hut outlet or through Loving Hut catering service if you are having a private party. This year, 2012, is exceptional as we have surpassed all odds to beat Mayan and other ancient prophecies for our planet's survival and thus we have many good reasons to celebrate at the dawn of the golden vegan era.

SLH-2912-1 Click on these brochures for an enlarged, readable version !


We will give you tantalizing glimpse of the delicious vegan set course prepared for you and your loved ones this Christmas..


Every good meal starts with an appetizer and this year it is the C'food Nantua in puff pastry cup, masculine salad and balsamic dressing..


For soup lovers, the chef's recommendation is Cream of Chestnut and Carrot Soup with Garlic Stick. Please remember to order non-garlic version if you are averse to onion or garlic.


So hurry up, book early and pick up your hand phone. The Christmas meals are an affordable $38 per person or $68 per couple. Early bird get 10% off if reservations are made by 18 December 2012 ! BTW, every meal at Loving Hut is halal as well, there is absolutely no animal product and no alcohol content.


Every set comes with a dessert as well and this is the Orange Cake with Rum Segment Sauce and Vegan Panna Cotta with Strawberry Coulis. A glass of complimentary non-alcoholic Red Vege Wine is also served at the side.


There is a choice of 4 main courses in this year's Christmas dinner extravaganza.
First choice is Black Pepper Steak with Mushroom Sauce, Cream Potato and Butter Vegetable.


Course B is Oven Baked Spring Chunk with Smoked BBQ Sauce, Jacket Potato and Butter Vegetable.


Course C is Portobello Mushroom Burger with Spicy Salsa, Herbs Potato and Coleslaw.


For Course D, we have Vegetable Lasagna !

Bon Appetit ! Enjoy your well deserved Loving Hut treat for all your toils and sweats to bring food on the table for your family during the year and see you on the next golden year :-)

Be Vegan, Make Peace !

Saturday, December 8, 2012

H. Pio Soup (Save the Fish Species)


Save the Fish Species in our Oceans and Rivers

No, it is not R2-D2 the robot, not C3-PO also. We are talking about H5Pio, aka colloquially He Pio soup (Save the Fish Beings on Earth). Before we start talking about the etymology and eschatology of the H5Pio, we want to orient readers to the physical location we are talking about. This post is to introduce you to the latest and greatest vegan outlet in Singapore, one of the many and unending waves of vegan outlets which we hope to see sprouting out all over the island and all over the universe..


We are taking our readers to the Eunos MRT station on the East West MRT line. This part of the island is traditionally inhabited by our Malay brothers who are a very friendly and family-oriented people. Just outside of the MRT gates as you exit to your left, you will encounter a row of hawker center at Block 4, and just behind that is block 7 which is the location of the latest branch of the Vegetarian Era.

A few meters away, and you will see the bus stop directly opposite VeganBurg, reputed to be one of the first pure vegan burger outlets in the whole world.. a national treasure of Singapore.


A few words on etymology. The reason why vegans do not directly refer to the vernacular name of the animal species is simple. They have been exploited relentlessly and hunted to extinction. To mention the vernacular species names is an insult to the animal's dignity and further it feeds on the programmed negative predator complex of homo sapiens.

What is in the name ? What is H5-PO ? Well, it is up to the reader to interpret but we think of it as Healthy 5 spices-Pure Ocean Soup.


Here is an example of the extreme cruelty and murder that occurs on a daily basis without realizing the great harm that man has imposed on the weak and defenceless beings. This particular dish described as "tasty" actually is a part of the gas chamber of the free roaming fish. Now if you can imagine a superior, technologically advanced race of Extra-terrestrial who as a matter of hobby delight in fishing out homo sapiens from their homes and cook a culinary delight out of his ripped off lungs... then that is exactly how the fish will feel, helpless and in dispair of the impending death after its gas chamber is being ripped off by human fishing activities.

Without the gas chamber, the fish will lose its balance and overturn itself belly up. It will not be able to survive long and will die in pain and horror.

Amongst the injuries sustained by the ocean beings include acute decompression illness, internal hemorrhage, hernia and laceration. Finally after what seemed like eternal moments of endless suffering, pain and duress, the death comes swiftly and its cause is pronounced as "asphyxia due to lesion beyond moiety and multiple system failure".


Enough of the madness of this unkind world. People should start realizing that discoveries in nuclear physics already affirmed the interconnectedness of all beings in the universe. We are all one.


If we are all one, any part of suffering of any "lesser" beings will have an effect on us just as well. The quantum physicists called this the quantum entanglement, which is the fact that an atom or proton can and will affect its counterpart no matter how far away the pair is separated and information exchange takes place beyond the speed of light.


As vegans, we happily munch on the H5-Pio soup and realize that the texture and taste is good for the ethical enjoyment as no real fish has been hurt in the process. Oh my God, the taste is so good at this stall !

Monday, November 26, 2012

Vegetarian Era at Eunos 7

VE @ E 1

Great News ! The Vegetarian Era vegan shop had a new opening at Eunos Block 7 yesterday !

VE @ E 2

It is located next to the Eunos MRT just behind the bus stop along Jalan Eunos at Block 7.

VE @ E 3

This is directly opposite Vegan Burger which is just across the road ! So now there are two vegan outlets within walking distance from Eunos MRT ! Yeah !! Eunos is becoming a vegan heaven ... heh heh !

VE @ E 4

Take a look at the menu board... There are 19 dishes to choose from, and these are new dishes not found at the AMK branch or the Hougang Branch. The style here is Nonya cooking with Malaysian ethnic traditional taste.

VE @ E 5

We get to try the Melacca laksa here as well, but eating this makes me miss the Ang Mo Kio branch with the special Hericium laksa. H-laksa is certainly unique, but here at Eunos, the Nonya laksa is no slouch either.

VE @ E 6

Upon recommendation by the chief cook, we also tried the Pong Tahu Mee (dry). You need to remember to savor the soup slowly... and if you are new vegan, you will remember the taste which the ocean crustaceans will thank you for sparing their lives.

VE @ E 7

Pong Tahu Mee comes in soup version as well, and we will definitely feature more of this dish in future when we come back for another meal, and hopefully in better lighting condition to bring you more exciting photos of the Vegetarian Era specialty.

VE @ @ 8

There are too many dishes to report but we are rushing out this good news, because the Hungry Ang Mo is also spotted at the opening day and he has threatened to be the first to post this news, and we have to beat him !! Hah Hah !

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Immediate Enlightenment 即刻开悟 versus Gradual Spiritual Awakening

XingHua1 Long time ago in the sixties and seventies, there is a special shop in the Tanjong Pagar Area selling a kind of deep fried pancake sprinkled with generous amount of peanut toppings and stuffed with vegetable fillings. It used to be our family favorite treat, and my father used to make the long journey to Tanjong Pagar and bought these back to us. He traveled by taxi and it was expensive to travel by taxi in those days.

We often associate food with fond memories of our past and call it culture or tradition. And we make the mistake to defend our culture and tradition at all cost, even to the extent of taking up arms against our fellow human beings if anyone dared to challenge our concept of food. It is sacrosanct. If you try to change my food, it is like a personal insult, a revenge must be exacted and every force will be employed to defend our custom and culture.

This kind of thinking is utter foolishness..


At The Bencoolen Building, behind Singapore's famous Bugis Street there is a shop selling this kind of old-school pancake. The name of the shop is called Xing Hua Vegetarian. This is of course, a veganized version of the pancake with vegetable fillings and no animal contents. I have fond memories of this shop because it was introduced to me by an old friend of mine, who shared common ancestry with me.


This friend became a vegetarian when he was a teenager many years before, and so he is a very long time vegetarian and a strong and devout Buddhist. His Buddhist group are staunch supporters of vegetarianism and they opened three vegetarian grocery outlets in various locations, a bakery and a vegetarian restaurant at Aljunied MRT. His favorite food at Heng Hua is the Mixed Vegetable Soup, a vegan version of the dish that used to involve the unimaginable cruelty of killing and taking the ocean being's dorsal fin. This dish is not available at this shop now, because it has been newly renovated and went up-market in price. It can still be found in the branch shop nearby at the Fortune Center, which is a stone's throw from the main shop.


One day I became curious about my friend's Buddhism. He is a scholarly man, well-educated with an MBA, and very sincere and pious person. I asked him to describe his religion to enlighten me. He told me that Buddha's life is well documented in a book, a very thick book which I presumed is the Bible of the school of Buddhism he believed in. Every detail about the Buddha is recorded there, in a few hundred pages. And so, the practice of his Buddhism begins by first studying the contents of the book, and that by following the foot steps of the Buddha very very closely, one can then achieve Nirvana, because Gautama Buddha has demonstrated in His life that it is possible to become fully enlightened and attain Nirvana while living in Samsara.


It occurred to me slowly, while he was describing his practice that this is a similar concept to the book which I have read in my youth called the "Imitation of Christ" written by Thomas à Kempis (c. 1380-1471). The idea in this book is to attempt to imitate Jesus Christ so as to achieve Christ Consciousness. This is very similar to my friend's Buddhist doctrine. Read about the Buddha's life, follow His outer form very closely and carefully, not missing any details of His habits, His thinking, His philosophy, His outlook, and then one can hope to achieve Enlightenment, just like the Buddha did. This approach is attempting to achieve inner spiritual enlightenment by following outer manifestations of form.


I asked more questions and said that ok, you start out with reading the Buddhist Bible, it is a very thick book, maybe five hundred pages or more, At the rate of reading one section every week, how long does it take to finish reading the Bible ? He answered perhaps three to four years. My curious mind asked again, what happened next after reading the Bible for three or four years. To my utter surprise he replied that the next thing to do is to re-read the whole Buddhist Bible from the beginning again. Oh My God, I thought. How many rounds of reading is considered sufficient, and at which time do they start on the actual practice of meditation. Well it seemed from his answers that one life time alone is not considered long enough to fully understand the Bible, and therefore one does not start practising until the Bible is completely absorbed, mentally, intellectually.

For a few days I puzzled over his answers. Apparently his school does not start any form of spiritual practice or meditation until the Bible can be fully understood. I was shocked that the process can take many life times and I wondered is it sixteen life time that is needed, or sixteen thousand or sixteen million life times ? When can one see the light at the end of the tunnel ?


Then one day, I have an immediate enlightenment of sorts... Oh My God, I realized that my friend belong to the Gradual Awakening School 渐悟!!

The well known proponent of the Gradual School was the Buddhist monk called Shen Siu神秀, who studied under the enlightened Master, the Fifth Patriarch of Zen, Hong Ren. One day an illiterate lay person called Hui Neng 六祖慧能wanted to study Buddhism with Hong Ren. The followers of Shen Siu looked down on him with disdain, thinking what does a barbaric Southerner know about enlightenment ? He will never achieve enlightenment !


The story goes that one day the Fifth Zen Patriarch Hong Ren decided to give Initiation. He wanted to find out which one of his disciples is worthy of initiation and so He held a poetry competition.

Shen Siu responded with his poetry written on the wall of the temple. The body is the Bodhi tree. Everyone has a mirror. The mirror gets dirty from time to time and you have to clean it diligently to keep it shining pure and free from dirt.


When Hui Neng heard about this poem, of course he was illiterate and someone had to read the poetry to Him, Hui Neng immediately knew the level of spiritual consciousness indicated by the poetry was very low. He responded with his famous reply on the wall.

Hui Neng said the Boddhi tree was never a tree. There is no mirror. How can the soul be tainted if everything is a Big Void ?


Shen Siu's poetry shows that His consciousness is still anchored in Samsara.

Hui Neng's poetry shows that He understood the illusory nature of the Holographic Projection of Artificial Reality aka the Quantum Matrix (as in the famous Matrix triology popularized in the movie).


The choice of who deserved Initiation was obvious to Fifth Zen Patriarch Hong Ren五祖弘忍.

In the middle of the night Hong Ren summoned Hui Neng to His private chambers and gave Hui Neng the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


Filled with the Holy Ghost, Hong Ren passed to Hui Neng his begging bowl and monk's robe. Your life is in grave danger now, said Hong Ren, take these as the symbol of having being initiated by me, and flee to the South where there is safety for you.


The next day, the followers of Shen Siu was angry that the transmission of the Lamp took place under their nose in secrecy. They vowed to kill Hui Neng, but of course by that time, Hui Neng had already escaped. Hui Neng became the Sixth Patriarch of the Immediate Enlightenment school顿悟.

Shen Siu, the founder of northern Gradual Awakening School did not take possession of Saint Peter's Key to the Kingdom of Heaven (Nirvana). It was Hui Neng, who took possession of St. Peter's Key which was transmitted directly to Hirm from Hong Ren.

When Empress Wu heard of the fame of Shen Siu, she invited him to join the Court as the Chief Priest; Shen Siu informed Empress Wu, in all humility, that he defers to Hui Neng as the One, whose enlightenment was even greater than himself, ...

The One, holder of St. Peter's Key.

The One, heir of 5th Zen Patriarch Hong Ren.

The One, Sixth Grand Patriarch of Zen, the Living Master (638-713) of the world, the Light of the World, World Saviour, The Redeemer of Karmic Sinners.

The One, Perfect Enlightened Master of Immediate Enlightenment School, tracing Hiers lineage back to the First Grand Master of Immediate Enlightenment, Bodhidharma, who Hirmself is the 28th Patriarch tracing Hiers lineage back to Mahakashyapa, one of the ten Chief Disciples of Gautama Buddha.

The One, Deliverer of sentient beings from Bondage and liberation from 3 Worlds, and Comforter-to-come (has come).

The One, and Only Begotten Son of God (circa 638-713)

The One, World Saviour Incarnate (638-713) whose shoe lace I am not fit to untie..

Without the Amazing Grace and Boundless Mercy of God, it is very difficult for anyone to believe in the possibility of immediate enlightenment in this life. Until one meet a living Master of Perfect Enlightenment, then one will realize that Immediate Enlightenment is real and possible.