Friday, February 27, 2009

Vegan Curry Rendang

curry rendang

Cooking vegan is really that simple, as Supreme Master Ching Hai has said, "just replace the piece of steak with a piece of tofu".. All you need to do is replace the filthy, foul-smelling rotting flesh that you used to cook for food, with the nuitritious, clean, vegetarian alternatives.

Nowadays there are so many veggie alternatives to meat that gives you the same texture and bite feel to it.. Like this packet of vegan curry rendang, with spicy seasoning. If you are in a hurry to cook up a meal, and have some rice or noodle with you, all you need is to put some oil on a pan, stir fry the noodle or rice and then add pieces of curry vegetarian rendang. It makes for a simple meal... Of course if there are some other vegetables around you can add them also, otherwise it is really a very simple affair.

Try the vegetarian alternative. Go vegan. Save the world, we only have 1426 days left !!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2 minutes to change


On Feb 22, Singapore participated in the world wide global warming awarness event called "2 minutes to change". The venue this year is at Suntec City.


This event coincides with the celebration of Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, and the major message of the day is to educate the public on the danger of global warming. The solution to 80% of global warming lies in our hands - just go vegan !!


A young child whose future hangs in the balance receives the message that eating vegetarian food is the only way to save our planet now.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Surprise Live Conference with 12th Philippines President Fidel Ramos

interview with ex Phillipines

Supreme Master Television will broadcast live conference with former Philippines President Fidel Ramos today February 21 2009
at 9:10 a.m. Central European Time (Paris)
4:10 p.m. Local Formosa Time

This Video Conference is entitled : Act Now For a More Peaceful and Safer World.

The Guest of Honor will be the former President of Philippines Mr. Fidel Ramos and Supreme Master Ching Hai.


Saturday Feb 21 2009
Buenos Aires 6:10
Mexico City 2:10
Sydney 19:10
Cape Town 10:10
Moscow 11:10
Taipei 16:10
London 8:10
New Delhi 13:40
Tehran 11:40
Los Angeles 0:10
Paris 9:10
Tokyo 17:10

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Veggie Seafood Stick

In this series of posts, we will show you the common products to look out for when you go shopping. We will introduce some products you can easily buy off the shelf, or from the wet market, or fresh market, that will make your vegetarian or vegan home cooking a joyous experience.

It is really simple. When shopping, just stay away from meat products and vote for vegan/vegetarian products with your buying power - money. You the consumer decides what products you want. You decide how the world is going to survive !

veggie stick

What you see here looks like a seafood item. But if you look carefully, you will see it is vegetarian. No fish or sea creatures are being harvested or harmed when you buy this product. It has exactly the same texture as the meat version, and it taste superior if you are boiling as a soup with the right use of tasty seasonings. You can easily find this in the vegetarian frozen food section.

Give it a try !! Vegetarian soup is life saving !

Sunday, February 15, 2009



选择吃肉,生灵涂炭,滥杀无辜,灭绝人性, 经济衰退,粮食饥荒,世界末日!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Simple vegan cooking - homey porridge

vegan porridge

This a simple home cooking recipe for a delicious and nuitritious vegan porridge.

If you have some over-night rice, or rice left over in your rice cooker from last evening's
dinner, then you can cook up a delicious meal of vegan porridge.

Here is the ingredient list.

1) 4 dried shitakae mushrooms
2) cabbage leaves
3) kang kong or other green vegetables
4) frozen vegetarian fish slices
5) 4 vegetarian dumplings
6) 3-4 oyster mushroom
7) 1 plate of overnight fried rice
8) vegetarian seasoning
9) dry fried shallots
10) salt
11) pepper


1) Dip the dried shitakae mushrooms in a small bowl of water for about 15-20 minutes, making sure that
the mushroom is completely submerged in water. After the mushroom has soften enough, cut off the stem
and throw it away. The rest of the mushroom to cut in long slices.

2) While the mushrooms are softening, prepare another small bowl with some water and tear off some cabbage
leaves to let it soak in the water. Add a little salt to the water to remove any pesticide if the cabbage
is not organic cabbage. The cabbage leaves should be torn in small pieces to make sure it can be cooked thoroughly
and fast.

3) cut the kang kong or other green vegetables into small slices, again, to shorten the cooking time.

4) Defrost the frozen vegetarian fish slice or vegetarian dumplings by letting it stand in a bowl at room temperature.


The cooking method is simple and fast, you should be able to cook up a meal in half an hour's time.

First boil some water in a pot using medium heat. Put in the softened mushroom slices and cabbage leaves which takes
longer to cook. After about 15 minutes add in the kang kong leaves and vegetarian fish slices.

When the vegetables are starting to boil, pour in the plate of over-night rice. If the rice is not enough, you can add
some kway teow or thin horfun noodles to supplement. Pour in the oyster mushroom at the same time.

Add the vegetarian seasonings, pepper and salt, to taste.

Once the porride starts to boil again, put in the dumplings, and let the porridge boil for a minute or two.

Turn off the fire and add the dry fried shallots (optional)

Let the porridge cool down and serve.

For new vegetarians who are used to meat eating, the dry shallots and pepper spices are welcome and familiar to them.

For long time vegans, these additional spices are not necessary as most vegans will prefer a milder taste.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Loving Hut New Year @ Part 2

As we wave good bye to Lunar New Year, we pray tonight that everyone will wake up and quickly adopt the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and that God will grant us many more wonderful Lunar New Years to enjoy..

O Sleepers on this World, the Earth is on fire!! Please wake up now..

Heed the benevolent messages from Mars, and do not fail your children, do not destroy the Earth, the way Mars people have, please all of us wake up now and quickly change our heart..

CNY Suntec 09

Only Vegetarianism, a noble and compassionate heart can save the world.

tropical noodle

Don't suffer the persecution of the creatures of the seas !! Know ye not that there are now vast areas of dead zones in the oceans due to over fishing and massive killing of fishes and sea creatures??

If we continue the killing, very soon it will be our turn.. How can you not see it coming ? Wake up now.. Stop eating fish and the flesh of animals.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Martians Die A Terrible Death

News flash from Supreme Master Television.

The first part of the 5 parts series on Mars, Benevolent Messages from Mars: Be Virtuous and Save the Earth. This series is now showing on "Between Master and Disciples" at Supreme Master Television as we speak..

While waiting for the transcript to become available, here is a sketch of the exciting but gruesome details of how Mars met its end as revealed by Supreme Master Ching Hai...

Some of the points covered in the first part:
- The destruction of Mars happened 40 million years ago. Most of the Mars people were killed as the end came swiftly, and most of them did not believe that they will die, but they did.
- The Martians die a terrible, agonizing death, a death by suffocation over 4 days
- The two main posionous death gases identified as killing the Martians were Hydrogen Sulphide and Nitrous Oxide. These two gases, together with methane released by livestock raising, killed the Martians.
- The Martians suffered global warming symptoms similar to Earth, the ocean warmed up, releasing poisonous gases, the glaciers melt, releasing poisonous gases
- The first wave of death hit 90 % of the Mars population, including animals. Then after a while, 5% of the population died, and after some more time, another 3.8% perished.
- The initial survivors on Mars amounted to 0.2% or about 2 million. Their number has grown to this day.
- The initial survivors dug underground tunnels and caves, and over a period of 20 years, they found each other, initially by telepathy, and later meeting up physically together to form communities.
- The survivors lived near underground river.
- The survivors lived frugally, re-cycling and also spiritually. They took records to remind their descendants of what happened to Mars.
- Some parts of the underground caves measured 10 meters tall, almost 5 stories high.
- Mars as it is now is beyond repair by any human effort. However nature will heal it over the next 1 million years, when some small shrubs will grow, some weeds, then rivers will form again and so on... so it will take another 1 million years before Mars will become habitable by humans.

Be Veg. Go Green. Save Our Earth.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Disaster on Mars parallels Earth's climate change

Starting on 7 Feb 2009, Supreme Master Television will broadcast the 5 part series on Benevolent Messages from Mars: Be Virtuous and Save the Earth.
This series to be shown on "Between Master and Disciples" show.

Catch the exciting broadcast and learn about the final days of Mars, how Mars was destroyed, the warnings which came 5 years before, and even up to 2 months before destruction, the Mars people ignored all warnings, thinking they were indestructible or somehow invincible, and what happened swiftly in the final 2 months when every living thing was killed on Mars, up to 90% of its population died..

Learn the bitter lessons from Mars and do not let history repeat itself here on Earth.. We are facing a similar crisis... Change your life now. Be Vegetarian, and Virtuous... Love and Virtue is your only protection..

Be Veg. Go Green. Save our Earth.


Part1 Saturday, February 7
Part2 Friday, February 13
Part3 Saturday, February 14
Part4 Friday, February 21
Part5 Saturday, February 22


Show Time:
North America LA 0:00 6:00
12:00 18:00
Cental America Mexico City 2:00 8:00
14:00 20:00
South America Buenos Aires 5:00 11:00
17:00 23:00
Middle East Tehran 11:30 17:30
23:30 5:30*
Eurpoe Paris 9:00 15:00
21:00 3:00*
Oceania Sydney 19:00 1:00
7:00* 13:00*
Africa Cape Town 10:00 16:00
22:00 4:00*
Asia Beijing/Taipei 16:00 22:00
4:00* 10:00*
Asia Moscow 11:00 17:00
23:00 5:00*
* airtime Sunday

Friday, February 6, 2009

Loving Hut New Year @ Part 1

Chinese New Year at SUNTEC city, it's a nice feeling when dining at Loving Hut.

The vegetarian movement is slowly catching up with the New Year crowd at Suntec.

CNY @ Suntec

Big bold decorations of Chinese lanterns. And the constant reminder that our Earth is in trouble, and the solution is at hand.. Be Vegetarian this New Year !

The lovely neighbour of Loving Hut, the Pangat Authentic Indian Cuisine also offers pure Indian vegetarian meal. Please patronize all the vegetarian outlets in Singapore !

herbal brown rice

The fragrant pine nut toppings of the herbal brown rice, with a dash of lime juice. Yummy, earth saving, delicious, healthy meal..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lunar New Year Good Luck Salad Part 2

Good Luck Toss Up salad is a raw vegan dish which is popular during Lunar New Year.
It's a very colorful dish full of folklore and good wishes for a bright future.

vegan abalone

Here's one of the favourite ingredients, raw vegetarian abalone. The texture is exactly the same as the meat version, except that you have a clear conscience that no beings are sacrificed for your selfish taste bud.

The red packets contain Five Spice Powder, which are mixed together in the salad and tossed using long chop sticks. A dash of fresh lemon juice is also squeezed into the final mix.

carrot shredder

This is the shredder machine. On one end, a stick of carrot is pushed in, and the carrot is rotated by grinding it, much like the way children sharpen their pencils with a pencil sharpener. At the other end, long thin strands of carrot are pushed out into a serving dish.

vegan toss salad

Adding in the pomelo fruit sacs to give it a little sweet juice, and some white chrysanthemum flowers.

It's a dish where family members and friends gather around the table, and everyone young and old help to toss and mix the salad using chop sticks. The higher the toss the better the wish will be fulfilled.

For the ox year, we wish everyone wake up soon to the danger of the planetary disaster and quickly adopt a vegetarian diet to save the world.

Be our vegetarian hero !! Help the children, save our environment, save our world.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Singapore Chingay 2009


Faces of young and eager Singaporean in a multi-racial celebration of Chinese New Year Chingay parade. How many of these people will see a brighter future tomorrow ?
How many of them are prepared to face the future ?


Can we even ask, for them, will the young get to see the future ? How many more Chingays can they look forward to ?


The single most critical event threatening life at Singapore and the globe is the climate threat, the threat of extinction at the hand of runaway disasters due to human causes. We must be vegetarians. We have to save the world. For the young. For those hopeful. For those who rely on us. Every one must do their part.


It is so simple. The solution outlined by Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Just Be Vegetarian. How difficult can it be ? Is it too great a price to pay to secure our future ??

Tuesday, February 3, 2009



Monday, February 2, 2009

Lunar New Year Good Luck Salad Part 1

On the 7th day of Chinese Lunar New Year, one of the traditional vegan salad is being served. It is called the Prosperity Toss Up Salad and is popular with businessman and common folks alike. All friends and relatives will gather together on this day to celebrate the birthday of human beings, and to wish for prosperity and good luck in the coming new year.

lou hei

It's a beautiful salad full of color and folklore. Each ingredient has a unique prospitious sounding name. All for the good of the world, healthy, beauty and prosperity.

In this age of climate change threatening the existence of the Earth, we wish everyone quickly adopt the vegetarian diet so that we can celebrate many more years o Lunar New Year.


The red carrot, one of the main ingredients of this dish cut into fine threads.


And here is the white turnip and green turnip which add to the color of the dish.

May all beings be in peace and live peacefully with one another.