Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chinese New Year at Loving Heart

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Loving Heart Cafe along Sims Avenue, Geylang has been renovated recently just in time for Chinese New Year.

Located at lively Geylang area, it is open during Chinese New Year with offering of special meals to match the festive season. The nearest MRT station is Aljunied Station which is a short 5 or 10 minutes walk away.

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Being a pure vegan restaurant, it offers yet another dining option for the many vegans living in Singapore.

Most vegan or vegetarian eateries are closed for the few days of New Year celebration, and sometimes it can be difficult to find any outlet that is open. Loving Heart Cafe will be closed for two days on 11 and 12 Feb.

Loving Heart Cafe should be easy to find. The address is Block 134 #01-219 Geylang East Avenue 1. It is in the same block as the famous Geylang Kwan Yin Zhai vegetarian restaurant which is a well established restaurant with decades of service history.

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One corner of the restaurant serves as a book corner, offering some reading materials for the public to browse.

Loving Heart 6

The book corner is on the left side near to the Supreme Master Television set which most vegan dinners who are customers of Loving Hut will find very familiar.

There are free sample booklets, book marks and aphorisms to be given away.

There are also Supreme Master Ching Hai's spiritual books, magazines and information about the Quan Yin Method of mediation taught by Supreme Master Ching Hai. These books can be borrowed for reading while having a meal at the restaurant.

Loving Heart 4

Our favourite rice meal is the Petai Rice Set. We think that it sets the standard for vegan rice meal prepared hot and straight from the kitchen to your dining table. It is certainly fresh and deliciously cooked.

Loving Heart 5

We like to try the laksa dish as well, and there are many other options. We find the laksa very tasty. You can also find vegan G rice at this shop.

Loving Heart 7 For the New Year traditional meal, Loving Heart Cafe is offering various choices starting from $48 for two persons to $248 for a table of 10.

The restaurant is spacious, comfortable and cozy.

You can click on the picture below to view the larger version of the CNY 2013 menu. The photo at also have various sizes for easy reading.

Loving Heart 8

The specialty in this shop for Lunar New Year is the Save Our Ocean's Shark Soup. This is the famous style of traditional Chinese gourmet soup first veganized by Loving Hut Singapore about 5 years ago.

If you have not tried it before, then make a date to have your traditional Chinese New Year meal here at Loving Hut Cafe. You will find the taste authentic and deliciously exquisite.

Loving Heart 9

The other highlights for the New Year meal is the Fortune Peng Cai. These are now the trendy Chinese meal with delicious assortments of veggies. And you can enjoy these specially prepared vegan meals cooked by the experienced chef at Loving Hut Cafe...

Another dish to recommend highly is the Booming Blossom which featured the traditional Abalone Mushrooms.

What a joyous and wonderful New Year it is... with so many vegan shops opening and so much choices for the vegans in Singapore ! Have a Happy and Blessed Chinese New Year 2013 !

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