Thursday, December 25, 2008

Black Pepper Rice - Loving Hut @

Here on Christmas season, we visited the latest Loving Hut outlet in Singapore, at the Parklane Mall, Selegie Road.

Parklane Mall is located at an exciting crossroad with many schools nearby and new developments coming up..

Loving Hut @ PARKLANE.SG

Brown rice with black sesame and chye sim, very delicious and healthy.

Loving Hut @ PARKLANE.SG

Black pepper vegan steak taste like the real stuff. The black pepper is hot and spicy, eally nice.

Loving Hut @ PARKLANE.SG

This rice set comes with a carrot and corn soup.

Here's wishing everyone a healthy, vegan and life saving Christmas !! Merry Christmas !!!

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