Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Photography Tips 1

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In this series of posts we offer some photography tips for taking great photos. Some basic knowledge of photography is assumed. We try to avoid photographic jargon as much as possible.

The first tip, there are 3 major areas that contribute to a great photo.

They are : exposure, focus and color.

1. Exposure - A big area to explore, but in the main, three big factors determine exposure, which is aperture (opening of the lens), shutter speed (speed of opening and closing of iris to allow light into the camera), and iso (sensitivity of film to light). In the context of digital cameras, iso is the gain or threshold that is determined by the camera. The higher the iso, the more digital noise will be introduced into the picture.

2. Focus - another big area, the major important factor to look out for is the aperture and depth of field. Depth of field determines which area of the photo to look sharp and which area to be out-of-focus.

5. Color - a major consideration, especially white balance. If the white balance is not right, the photo will have a color cast that can be difficult to remove after the picture is taken.

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