Friday, June 5, 2009

Emperor's New Clothes or why swine flu was renamed to H1N1 A Influenza

We live in a complex world, getting increasingly more complicated.
We are told that in this age of complexity, complex diseases are bound to happen.
We need to resolve the basic underlying problems of these diseases, in a timely and wise manner, as it concerns the future livelihood of our children, the hopes of our human species and indeed the survival of our planet is at stake.

We present the simple innocence of a vegan child who wants to know why the world we live in is getting increasingly dangerous.

Child : Mommy, what is swine flu ?

Mother : My dear, swine flu is a new dangerous disease that came from the pigs and infected the human species.

Child : Mommy, why do they rename swine flu to H1N1 (A) Influenza ?

Mother : Well, my dear, the pork industry is a billion dollar industry in the US and they have the political muscle to sway the WHO into renaming it from swine flu to H1N1(A) influenza as the pork producers were afraid that people will stop eating pork.

Child : So, mommy, is swine flu the same as H1N1 (A) Influenza ?

Mother : Yes, my child, they refer to the same new disease that is a ravaging the world right now.. in 2009.

Child : So mommy, is it wrong to call it swine flu ?

Mother : No my child. Scientists have told us that they found 2 genes from the pigs, one gene from human and one gene from the bird flu, so as 50% of the genetic makeup of this new virus is from the pigs, it is not wrong to call it swine flu, my dear.

Child : Is it like the story of the Emperor's New Clothes ?

Mother : Yes, my dear, it is the same as the story you have heard. Everyone saw that the emperor is naked, but because the emperor weilds mighty power, no one dared to call him naked, except for an innocent child.

Child : Mommy, why are adults so complicated. Why can't they just stop eating meat ?

Mommy: Well, my dear, they have lost the innocence of a child as they grow up, that is why they become so complicated. They have acquired a set pattern and habbit of eating meat. All the advertisements in the radio, tv and newspapers tell you it is "healthy" to eat meat. You cannot watch tv nowadays without hitting
a "meat is good" advertisement 5 seconds into the interval. So with such brain washing going on daily to sustain the meat industry, it is little wonder that the adults have acquired the bad habbit of meat eating and find it so difficult to change to a more compassionate plant-based diet.

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