Monday, September 24, 2012

Media stars at vegan shop

On September 18, a future saint invited me to eat at the new vegan shop in Ang Mo Kio. We went there at about 3pm and he ordered the H-laksa, H for the hericium mushroom specialty at this shop, the Vegetarian Era at Ang Mo Kio block 122

I have not tried the kway teow soup version so I ordered the H-kway teow soup..

It is very tasty and sweet.. and of course the hericium mushroom's texture is a treat to the taste bud. We were happily eating away when suddenly an army of crew descended upon the place..

Taking a closer look we saw the long time mediacopr artistes Pan Ling Ling and Zheng Ge Ping..

We are not fans of the local TV soap so we can't tell you which show they were shooting.. It gets very crowded soon as the technician and crew were busy setting up the lights and camera..

They were using the vegan shop as background for the scene in the channel 8 drama soon to be shown.. We were joined at the table by Mr. Henry Wang chief cook of the Vegetarian Era vegan chain of shops. His beautiful wife and daughter had joined him from neighbouring country Malaysia to help him launch the new branches in Singapore

The future saint ordered another bowl of Chai Por noodles with herbal soup while we were watching the filming going on around us. It seems to be only 5 minutes worth of film and yet it took dozens of men close to 3 hours to complete it!!

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