Saturday, October 13, 2012

5 Saints' Dinner

On the first weekend of the opening of the vegan shop at Hougang 805, 5 Saints decided to gather together for a food sampling dinner session. We took the opportunity to reminise on the past year when four saints from the table were touring the US on the first ever musical the Real Love, featuring Supreme Master Ching Hai's awesome poems. Last year, the venue was at Pasadena Auditorium. This year, two saints from the table will be able to take the 12 hours long haul flight to LA to attend the upcoming second musical "Loving the Silent Tears" at Shrine Auditorium LA. One of  them may even get a small role to represent the culture of the local community !

Iron Rice Bowl Two of us were early for the date so we proceeded to order the Iron Rice Bowl.This is the $4 rice set featuring the delicious and tasty sun-dried vegan salted bits served in a hot iron bowl..

Unforgetable Lor Mee

The next dish we ordered was the Unforgettable Lor Mee as we have heard that it's sauce is especially nice. While we were happily chatting away, another saint and her spouse appeared to join us and they ordered the Kway Teow Soup..

Hainanese Kway Teow Soup

She was a vegan foodist and find the Kway Teow Soup was very tasty... 5 Stars for the Vegetarian Era cook ! Her spouse is also a foodist and ordered the famous Hainanese Hericium Noodle.. we will call it the HH noodle for short. Hainanese Noodle

Very soon the samll table was getting crowded as two saint pairs showed up and we moved to another bigger table . All of us have been following the interesting development of the H.H. noodle since it first appeared on the East part of Singapore, so they all wanted to know how it taste like in this new location at Hougang..

Hainanese Noodle

Traditionally, the H-noodle is served in the white thick rice noodle version, similar to the one used in making Laksa. Just for fun, we ordered a yellow-noodle version of  the H-noodle and the cook is happy to oblige..

We talked about happy events in the last year when we were touring LA just before the musical and sampled many vegan dishes all around town. This year the event Loving the Silent Tears promised to be even bigger than last year in terms of cast number and celebrities involved. We were very envious of the lucky saints who are flying there and wished them an enjoyable and memorial musical of the year 2012 !

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