Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vegetarian Era at Hougang 805

We are happy to see the opening of the second outlet at Hougang Central, just a stone's throw from Hougang MRT station NE line following from the success of the branch at AMK.

It is located inside Yong Soon coffee shop at block 805.

Just take a look at the 8 new auspicious dishes ! All new and different from AMK branch.

The large eager crowd at opening day were there to welcome the new neighbour in typical warm Hougang style.

 And this is the famous Iron Rice Bowl.

 I find the name humorous and imaginative.It is a throw back to the days when job security is the norm. In current times, such comfort has all but evaporated.
The bowl is real iron, looks nice too. The specialty  of this dish is the salted bits, which were sun dried and imported from our neighbouring country, hence it is pretty expensive.

The soup is oily but suitable for an iron bowl dish, it has the same flavour as the Hainanese noodle..

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