Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vegan Product Shoot

One day a saint invited me to join him for a shopping trip and we bought some items from the grocery store. Not having taking photos for a long while, I decided this is a good time to set up for a simple desktop product shoot. So with a softbox on the right and a large reflector providing lighting on the left, this is what we bought..

vegan ice cream

Vegan Ice Cream from Soy Delicious ! And for drinks we have..

vegan drink

Coconut drink in a can, wait there is something special we want to show you..

non-alcohol drink

That's a Bavaria 0.0% non-alcoholic drink. It fizzles like a beer but it's actually the inncuous apple juice.. Cool, eh?

While we're on the topic of vegan products, we might as well feature two more famous American brands..

Tofurky ! For the time when you like to eat vegan cheese and pizza, you can have it !

And this is the G-nuggets from Fry's. Though their products are vegetarian, not everything from the Fry's brand is vegan, so watch out for the ingredients when you go vegan shopping !!

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