Saturday, May 2, 2009

Triple Mutant Human Swine Flu - What can you do ??

Please heed the warnings of nature. You know that the Human Swine Flu came from
the pig farm. It has mutated to combine bird flu, swine flu and human flu all in one..

If you don't want our children to live in a dangerous world, you can do something to stop the flu !!

Yes, by voting with your diet... Switch to vegan or vegetarian diet now !!

When you eat meat, you put your money to continue supporting the pig farms, continue to provide breeding ground for the virus to grow stronger and multiply.

You are responsible for our future !!

Please drop meat from your diet now ... We are already at the brink of a full-fledged pandemic.. Only one thing can change the tide, turn the table of global warming, and the incessant disasters, diseases, floods, typhoons and freak weather.

You can stop it !! With love, and compassion !!

Be Veg. Stop the Swine Flu.. Save our planet and our children !!

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