Monday, May 4, 2009

Vegan Asam Sour Fish 亚参素鱼空心菜汤

asam fish kang kong

What's cooking today ?

Well, it's our favourite faux fish dish, the sour Asam fish with kang kong. This home cooked dish is garnished with cut ginger pieces and sliced tomatoes. This is really delicious, and the ingredients are so simple, you can do it at home.

When you eat the asam fish soup, you don't have to worry about the errant fish bone becoming lodge in your throat, and then for some very anxious moments, you will be wondering are you going to be alright ? Will you make it through the day ? Are you going to survive the ordeal ? Do you need to get to the doctor, and is the doctor going to fix the problem for you ??

When you are in that very agonizing and anxious moments, with a bent but sharp fish bone lodge somewhere in your oesophagus, do remember the pain of the piercing fish bone.. Remember the pain of the fish hook, it feels exactly the same !!

Remember the tons of fish being hauled off the nets of the sea, and killed in broad daylight with merciless blows of clubs on the deck of the fishing boat.

Remember your pain, and remember the pain of the fish which we trauled from their habitat, we killed and hunted relentlessly until the species die almost extinct, and the resources of the sea becomes depleted.

Remember the pain, and switch to a life saving vegan lifestyle! It is the only lifestlye that guarantees our continuity and perpetuity and the safety of humans and all living beings !! Remember that the fish has every right to live, just as you do, and spare them their lives.

Live the vegan lifestyle and say goodbye to fish bone forever !

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