Monday, December 24, 2012

3 Days of Light

The clouds are bright and shiny although at night the skies are dark with almost a hint of deep blue. It was very dark at night.


It is three days after Dec 21 2012. We are still alive. The planet survived... how did it happened ?


What's with the ancient prophecies ? Was it wrong again ?


Well no, actually. The ancient prophecies are pretty accurate.. The Mayan calendar is pretty accurate.

The three days of darkness has turned into three days of light.

Loving Hut Christmas

We are on a different timeline now. Our probable future of catastrophe has been averted.

All this is possible because of the will of the World Saviour Incarnate (WSI). If not for the great compassion of the WSI, the Earth would be toast by now. We would have become disembodied entities.


For just one reason alone, for the mercy and grace of the WSI, the Earth was spared.. Every day we have now, we live in gratitude for the herculean efforts of WSI and the band of Buddhas and Bodhisatvas of the ten directions together with their negotiation with the Chief Architect, the matrix was allowed to continue for us to enjoy, for our benefit, for our spiritual growth.


So we celebrate Christmas by going to Loving Hut at Suntec, Singapore. There is no better place to celebrate.


There was a large crowd of vegan supporters as the restaurant tables were quickly filled up.


We ordered the Spring Chunk and Vegan Lasagna set. The starter entree is actually the most interesting dish in the cold December night.


It has an incredible buttery sensation wrapped on a crispy crepe-like pastry. Very delicate and the taste is absolutely exquisite. This is filled with C'food Nantua with Masculine Salad and Balsamic Dressing. Biting into the C'food the texture is both delightful and sensational. We have lingering memories of this gourmet treat long afterwards on the way home.


Next comes the soup.. We love the thick texture. Thick soup has been our favorite rather than the slurpy Chinese version. This soup has a rich flavour with very faint hint of Chestnut and Carrot and comes with a non-garlic stick which we have indicated was our preference.

The main course of Spring Chunk has a smoked BBQ sauce that is interesting and novel. And the vegan lasagna is decidedly heavenly.


For dessert we have a slice of vegan orange cake which is nice, and the yogurt-like Panna Cotta wraps up the sweet taste for the night.

We have been regularly tasting Loving Hut Christmas treat and tonight it is once again proof that great taste can come without sacrificing love or mercy.

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