Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012 Loving Hut Singapore Christmas Special

As is customary practice, Loving Hut Singapore has prepared special 4 course dinner meals during Christmas for all vegan lovers. They can be booked at the Suntec Loving Hut outlet or through Loving Hut catering service if you are having a private party. This year, 2012, is exceptional as we have surpassed all odds to beat Mayan and other ancient prophecies for our planet's survival and thus we have many good reasons to celebrate at the dawn of the golden vegan era.

SLH-2912-1 Click on these brochures for an enlarged, readable version !


We will give you tantalizing glimpse of the delicious vegan set course prepared for you and your loved ones this Christmas..


Every good meal starts with an appetizer and this year it is the C'food Nantua in puff pastry cup, masculine salad and balsamic dressing..


For soup lovers, the chef's recommendation is Cream of Chestnut and Carrot Soup with Garlic Stick. Please remember to order non-garlic version if you are averse to onion or garlic.


So hurry up, book early and pick up your hand phone. The Christmas meals are an affordable $38 per person or $68 per couple. Early bird get 10% off if reservations are made by 18 December 2012 ! BTW, every meal at Loving Hut is halal as well, there is absolutely no animal product and no alcohol content.


Every set comes with a dessert as well and this is the Orange Cake with Rum Segment Sauce and Vegan Panna Cotta with Strawberry Coulis. A glass of complimentary non-alcoholic Red Vege Wine is also served at the side.


There is a choice of 4 main courses in this year's Christmas dinner extravaganza.
First choice is Black Pepper Steak with Mushroom Sauce, Cream Potato and Butter Vegetable.


Course B is Oven Baked Spring Chunk with Smoked BBQ Sauce, Jacket Potato and Butter Vegetable.


Course C is Portobello Mushroom Burger with Spicy Salsa, Herbs Potato and Coleslaw.


For Course D, we have Vegetable Lasagna !

Bon Appetit ! Enjoy your well deserved Loving Hut treat for all your toils and sweats to bring food on the table for your family during the year and see you on the next golden year :-)

Be Vegan, Make Peace !

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