Saturday, December 8, 2012

H. Pio Soup (Save the Fish Species)


Save the Fish Species in our Oceans and Rivers

No, it is not R2-D2 the robot, not C3-PO also. We are talking about H5Pio, aka colloquially He Pio soup (Save the Fish Beings on Earth). Before we start talking about the etymology and eschatology of the H5Pio, we want to orient readers to the physical location we are talking about. This post is to introduce you to the latest and greatest vegan outlet in Singapore, one of the many and unending waves of vegan outlets which we hope to see sprouting out all over the island and all over the universe..


We are taking our readers to the Eunos MRT station on the East West MRT line. This part of the island is traditionally inhabited by our Malay brothers who are a very friendly and family-oriented people. Just outside of the MRT gates as you exit to your left, you will encounter a row of hawker center at Block 4, and just behind that is block 7 which is the location of the latest branch of the Vegetarian Era.

A few meters away, and you will see the bus stop directly opposite VeganBurg, reputed to be one of the first pure vegan burger outlets in the whole world.. a national treasure of Singapore.


A few words on etymology. The reason why vegans do not directly refer to the vernacular name of the animal species is simple. They have been exploited relentlessly and hunted to extinction. To mention the vernacular species names is an insult to the animal's dignity and further it feeds on the programmed negative predator complex of homo sapiens.

What is in the name ? What is H5-PO ? Well, it is up to the reader to interpret but we think of it as Healthy 5 spices-Pure Ocean Soup.


Here is an example of the extreme cruelty and murder that occurs on a daily basis without realizing the great harm that man has imposed on the weak and defenceless beings. This particular dish described as "tasty" actually is a part of the gas chamber of the free roaming fish. Now if you can imagine a superior, technologically advanced race of Extra-terrestrial who as a matter of hobby delight in fishing out homo sapiens from their homes and cook a culinary delight out of his ripped off lungs... then that is exactly how the fish will feel, helpless and in dispair of the impending death after its gas chamber is being ripped off by human fishing activities.

Without the gas chamber, the fish will lose its balance and overturn itself belly up. It will not be able to survive long and will die in pain and horror.

Amongst the injuries sustained by the ocean beings include acute decompression illness, internal hemorrhage, hernia and laceration. Finally after what seemed like eternal moments of endless suffering, pain and duress, the death comes swiftly and its cause is pronounced as "asphyxia due to lesion beyond moiety and multiple system failure".


Enough of the madness of this unkind world. People should start realizing that discoveries in nuclear physics already affirmed the interconnectedness of all beings in the universe. We are all one.


If we are all one, any part of suffering of any "lesser" beings will have an effect on us just as well. The quantum physicists called this the quantum entanglement, which is the fact that an atom or proton can and will affect its counterpart no matter how far away the pair is separated and information exchange takes place beyond the speed of light.


As vegans, we happily munch on the H5-Pio soup and realize that the texture and taste is good for the ethical enjoyment as no real fish has been hurt in the process. Oh my God, the taste is so good at this stall !

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