Friday, June 26, 2009

Seaweed Fish Slice


Let's go shopping again. Head straight to the vegetarian section.

This is a common vegetarian seaweed fish slice, and a very useful ingredient in your vegan cooking. How you use this vegan fish is entirely up to your imagination !

It is already seasoned and marinated as you can see, so you can actually boil it for a vegetarian soup, or cook it with fried rice ! It's so tasty the kids will really love it..

Once you get used to vegetarian fish, you will never want to kill and cook a real fish again...

Stay away from crime, stay away from murder, when you watch the trawling fish on the television, and all the fishes get caught up in the net, struggling for their very last breathe, flipping and turning on the deck in oxygen deprived starvation, you know that we had inflicted a great harm onto them...

We, ourselves, as sentient human beings, would not wish a superior power, an alien ET perhaps, to fry our skin and proclaim it tasty. We would not want to suffer the indignity, the pain, the torture to have oxygen denied to us, so that our limbs and our muscles convulse in epileptic seizure, in order that our human flesh may taste "better" for the alien ETs.

We, are the ETs !! We are the merciless power !! To the fishes in the ocean....
we are merciless, we are cruel, and we are senseless, we reduce ourselves to the level of beasts, when we proclaim a seafood soup as "delicious"

Save ourselves, save our lives, save our fishes, save our ocean, save our environment.

You don't have to die to save the world. Just be Vegan.

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