Friday, January 30, 2009

Buddha's Hand

The Chinese Lunar New Year has arrived in Singapore. Here's a series of photos taken at Chinatown, the traditional night market where Chinese flocked to do their vegan New Year marketing.

Buddha's Hand

The Buddha waved to us with his hands, hence the name of the fruit, which resembles somewhat the old wrinkled fingers of a Tatagatha's palm.


Many of the food eaten during Chinese Lunar New Year are vegetarian. Even the snacks and treats are vegetarian or vegan, comprising mostly of various types of fruits and nuts which are colorful and abundant at this time. The array of food and vegetarian products are astonishing. From fresh fruit to dried fruit to processed food, there are so many choices to delight both young and old.


And of course, in Singapore the lion is the symbol of the nation and the main symbol of the crossing of the New Year.

May all Singaporeans adopt the righteous and courageous heart of the Chinese lion, be veg, go green, save the planet !

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