Monday, November 26, 2012

Vegetarian Era at Eunos 7

VE @ E 1

Great News ! The Vegetarian Era vegan shop had a new opening at Eunos Block 7 yesterday !

VE @ E 2

It is located next to the Eunos MRT just behind the bus stop along Jalan Eunos at Block 7.

VE @ E 3

This is directly opposite Vegan Burger which is just across the road ! So now there are two vegan outlets within walking distance from Eunos MRT ! Yeah !! Eunos is becoming a vegan heaven ... heh heh !

VE @ E 4

Take a look at the menu board... There are 19 dishes to choose from, and these are new dishes not found at the AMK branch or the Hougang Branch. The style here is Nonya cooking with Malaysian ethnic traditional taste.

VE @ E 5

We get to try the Melacca laksa here as well, but eating this makes me miss the Ang Mo Kio branch with the special Hericium laksa. H-laksa is certainly unique, but here at Eunos, the Nonya laksa is no slouch either.

VE @ E 6

Upon recommendation by the chief cook, we also tried the Pong Tahu Mee (dry). You need to remember to savor the soup slowly... and if you are new vegan, you will remember the taste which the ocean crustaceans will thank you for sparing their lives.

VE @ E 7

Pong Tahu Mee comes in soup version as well, and we will definitely feature more of this dish in future when we come back for another meal, and hopefully in better lighting condition to bring you more exciting photos of the Vegetarian Era specialty.

VE @ @ 8

There are too many dishes to report but we are rushing out this good news, because the Hungry Ang Mo is also spotted at the opening day and he has threatened to be the first to post this news, and we have to beat him !! Hah Hah !

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