Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lord of Ten Thousand Years, Our Eternal Gratitude

Loving the Silent Tears musical have just ended, and the audience were treated to a supremely gorgeous show with a multi-talented star studded cast. The Irish tap dancing session was very beautifully done and elegantly presented the country's music very well. Another memorable performance was when three singers with powerful voices representing the Arab and middle east world entered the stage, and two whirling dervishes adorned both ends of the stage in an exotic, intoxicated dance to God, a most representative moment of the sufi mysticism. All artists wore very beautiful costumes evocative of the world's culture and the vocals of sopranos and tenor alike adorned the wonderful night. The same location at the 6,500 seat Shrine Auditorium LA, in December 1998 where Supreme Master Ching Hai's lyrics was first put to music by the renowned composer Mr. Bill Conti at the "One World of Peace Through Music" charity event now played host to the second ever musical called Loving the Silent Tears. At the end of the 4 hour long show, three charitable organizations dealing with welfare for animals received contributions of a hundred thousand dollars each.

In this joyous occasion, Supreme Master Ching Hai also presented an important video message to the world, saying we have more than ten thousand years of continued existence of our precious planet to look forward to.. and our most heart-felt gratitude to the most High Divinity for saving our Earth.

Be Vegan, Make Peace.

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