Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Evolution of the Vegan G Rice

Looking back, one of the earliest offering of vegan G Rice could possibly be the Vegetarian Era stall a few years ago when it first started at West Point Plaza @ Pasir Ris...
This is the G Rice that is commonly found in Singapore, Malaysia food scene but the requirement to be vegan means that margarine or butter cannot be used to flavour the rice which is the standard practise in all vegetarian stalls for decades.

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So we can definitely say that it is easy to make flavourful G Rice if the traditional ingredients like Planta or margarine is used in the cooking, in addition to other conditments like coconut juice.
Noticed that the vegan G Rice appeared in roasted version, without the use of margarine at all, using instead condiments such as pandan leave and vegetable oil for flavouring.
Much more rare, and harder to find, is the White Cut version of the vegan G Rice, which once again was poineered by the Vegetarian Era stall in the West Point Plaza days...

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It's not easy to pull off this cooking feat. Most vegetarian stall owners who cooked the traditional way would not be able to produce a vegan version without doing some research on cooking techniques..
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Let's take another look at the white cut G rice which we have said before is rather rare in the vegetarian food scene. In order to have a lovely product such as this, not only must the ingredients itself be vegan, the process of cooking should not involve any non-vegan products as well... Only such strict requirements will meet the expectations of the pure vegan Saints who are out looking for a good meal.

Vegan Chicken Rice

In the vegetarian Era cooking, the white cut G Rice was excellent. The white protein has texture and bite, and more importantly the rice flavour is authentic.

Which bring us back to the latest inarnation of the Vegetarian Era stall, now located at Block 122 @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3..
Their latest version is back to the Roasted G Rice, though one would hope that sometime in th'e future they could bring out the nostalgic White Cut version as well...

We are looking forward to more trips to the Vegetarian Era and bringing to you news about the continuing evolution of the vegan G Rice here in Singapore...

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