Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stir Fry Noodle

vegan fried noodle

Simple Home Vegan Cooking! Here's a recipe for stir fry noodle, any kind of noodle will do, whether fresh or dried, even instant noodles. If you are using instant noodles, try to boil them first, then drain away the liquid, that way you get rid of any wax attached to them. Also the seasoning that comes with instant noodle usually contain MSG, and you should throw them away and use vegetarian seasoning powder which is free of MSG.

1) 3 vegetarian fish balls
2) 3 oyster mushrooms
3) half bowl of chick peas
4) half bowl of bean sprouts
5) half bowl of mixed veggies, carrots, peas, corns
6) 2 small vegetarian sausage.
7) 1 packet dried noodle
8) 2 teaspoon vegetarian seasoning
9) 1 tablespoon vegetarian cooking oil
10) 1 teaspoon salt
11) 2 teaspoon dark and light soy sauce

1) Boil a small pot of water. When it is boiling, throw in the dried noodle
and boil for 2 minutes. You can use instant noodle, but discard the seasoning
packet as it has MSG inside. Drain the noodle dry and put in a plate.

2) Cut the chick peas into halves.

3) Slice the vegetarian sausage into small pieces.

4) If using frozen mixed veggies, defrost it in a small bowl of water.

5) Slice the vegetarian fish ball into 4 pieces.

6) chop off the bean sprout roots and take off the black skin.

7) prepare a small bowl of vegetarian seasoning, add some water to dissolve it, and stir well together with light and dark soy sauce. You can use maggi sauce as alternative.


1) Put the oil into a frying flat pan or Chinese wok and heat for a while.

2) Put in the chick peas and vegetarian fish balls, stir fry for 2 minutes and cover.

3) Put in the vegetarian sausage, mixed veggies, and stir fry another 2 minutes.

4) Finally put in the bean sprouts and tear off the oyster mushroom into manageable pieces.

5) Pour the seasoning mixture into the vegetables and cover the pan, let it cook for 5 minutes.

6) Add more water if necessary, it is alright to have some sauce which will be soaked up by the noodle.

7) Pour in the pre-cooked noodle, and stir fry thoroughly until the noodle soaks up all the flavourful seasonings. Add salt to taste if preferred.

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