Monday, January 28, 2013

Lunar New Year @ Suntec Loving Hut

It is the time of the year again when the Sun warms the Earth with Spring freshness in the air. Let's take a look at the special offer for the traditional Reunion Vegan Dinner at Singapore Suntec Loving Hut..

Loving Hut Lunar New Year 2013

The year is 2013, we're one year past the end of the Mayan Calendar and anticipating at least another long life of the planet Earth for the next 8 million years or more.. with gratitude to the Most High..

The meal starts with a traditional Yu Sheng or Vegan Salad. For small size it cost $28 and for large size it is $38.

Reunion Soup

The Reunion Soup 合家团圆羹 looks awesome ! It comes in three sizes.. $18.80 (small), $26.80 (medium) and $38.00 (large)

Peaceful Greetings

The wholesome goodness of whole pineapple with lots of delicious nugget filings ! This meal brings hope of Peaceful Greetings 竹报平安 to the World..

Heavenly Blessing

Start the New Year full of Heaven's Blessings..洪福齐天 plenty of delicious vegan slices to satiate the appetite.

Delightful Blossoms

Abalone Mushroom in this dish called Delightful Blossoms 花好月圆! Ringed with delicious broccoli rich in anti-oxidants, the dish has a round shape of the moon, and the outer petal composed of carrots remind one of a sun-flower..

Eternal Joy

Auspicious Cabbage in Magenta color ! This dish Eternal Joy 佛陀悟禅 is full of phytonutrients goodness which reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes..

Highly unusual and auspicious color which is very delightful to the eyes arranged as a lotus flower shape with brewed vegan rings and marinated peanuts... tasty !

Greater Success

And this is the Greater Success 节节高升! Sensational in dark sauce.. Does it make you wonder how the exquisite the taste is like ? This is a lovely and lively dish adorned with cute mini tomato rabbits.

Shining Luck

Shining Luck 福星高照 ..Brinjal delightful goodness.. made delicious with the celebrated culinary skills of Loving Hut cook.

Best of Fortune

Money Bags !! Best of Fortune 福贵财聚 .. The auspicious tradition and legendary Loving Hut Chinese New Year specialty... A must taste dish arranged with aesthetic beauty shaped like a string-drawn money bag. There is nothing more auspicious and comforting for the practical minded and down-to-Earth realistic expectations of the Chinese psyche than this symbolism of wealth and prosperity. Handing money from the older generation to the younger generation is an age old culture to bring blessings and luck to the Chinese people.

Double Bliss

In Double Bliss 锦上添花 the Loving Hut cook offered creative interpretation of the beauty of spring flower in an edible arrangement.. You must find it delightful, don't you agree?

Dinner starts in two time slots at 6pm and 8pm.Book your seats early by 3rd Feb 2013 to enjoy 40% discount !

The dinner is served in 4 family friendly sizes. A splendid New Year for 2-3 guests cost $58.80 at discount price. Best of Fortune for 3-5 guests and 6 course dinner cost $108.80 at offer price. Completely Blissful for 6-8 guests, 8 course dinner at %160.80 offer price and Daily Blessing for 8-12 guests, 10 course dinner cost $220.80

The number to call or SMS booking is 9651-3730.

Additionally, Loving Hut also offer catering menu for delivery to your private residence or party functions.

Have a wonderful, blessed, peaceful and vegan loving Lunar New Year !


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